Scammer Nastya Anastasia

Luhansk Ukraine

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1st letter

Hello,dear XXXXXX!

I'm so happy to meet you. These words are not in vain, because I was

waiting for this meeting. My name is Anastasia, but you can call me

Nastya. I adore my name. On January, 15 I'll turn to 23. I'm a student

of Lugansk University. It's always difficult to describe

myself to a person whom I don't know well, but I'll try. :)

I study well and my future profession is financier-accountant. I

always liked exact sciences. How many languages do you know? Of course

you can't tell everything about yourself in one letter, but at least

try, ok? :) I want to know about your intentions toward woman? I know,

that you liked my appearance by now, but as soon as we learn each

other better you'll surely like me as a person.

I was born in a small town called Bryanka, but study in Lugansk now.

I rent a flat next to University with two of my friends. I call our

flat "hostel". :) My friends like guests and we never feel boring!

My family live in Bryanka. I have mom Luba and dad Serezha. I also

have a sister called Yulia, she's only 17 and complete school soon.

On the week-end I always go to Bryanka to see my family. I miss them.

My character? I'm calm and smooth person. I don't like unnecessary

emotions and try not to take something negative to my heart. I adore

home comfort, like to cook and decorate my home with many special

things I do by myself. It drives me crazy when I feel the smell of

tea-rose and real man (please don't laugh). I think, man is the best

what God made in this world. My weakness - man's shoulders and strong

man's arms. Please send me more of your photos in the nearest future,

ok? In relations I value most of all honesty and mutual consent. Do

you agree? I'm feeling emotional when I imagine myself in man's hugs.

Maybe you are my only man given by heavens. If so, please open me your

heart. I can listen and ready to listen to you attentively. I want to

hear every little thing about you. Please don't delay with reply. I'm

already waiting for your letter impatiently. I won't hide, you

intrigued me.

With tenderness,Nastya.
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2nd Letter :

Hello,dear XXXXXX!
Hope this morning was as wonderful for you as it is for me? This
morning for the first time I didn't want even to take a cup of coffee.
I wanted to see your letter as soon as it possible to get the burst of
energy. It's great I got your letter! Let me continue to describe
myself to you. You know, one week ago I had no idea to put my profile
in the Internet yet, now I'm so happy because thanks to Internet I met
Would you like to know about my hobbies? Ok, I adore music, drawing. I
can sing and play a little piano and guitar. When I listen to the
music, I imaging my future pictures and then embody them in a paper.
Some day I'll send you some of my pictures. Do you know that you are
subtle person? I like the way you express your thoughts and feelings.
I guess I never feel tired to listen to your fresh ideas.
My favorites in music are Pink Floyd, Andru Donalds, Depeche Mode.
I don't like go to the cinema, prefer theatre. I never miss any
premiere in our theatre for the last three years. Don't you think that
our life sometimes is like a theatre as well? We meet different
people: kind and wicked, shy and reserved etc. What kind of person are
you? I want to discover you!
My mother likes Madonna. Do you know her? There are lots of her CD's
and photos in our flat. Who gave you your name? I like your name, it's
sonorous and musical. Tell me, how do you imagine your future partner?
Am I look like your ideal? :)
I know, we are not ideal both. I guess, life will be boring if all the
people are ideal. What do you think? I don't smoke and don't like
alcohol. But I don't mind about other people who smoke or drink.
Everyone should live they want to live.
I don't want you to be tired reading my letter, that's why I'm going
to finish my letter. You are intriguing me more and more, I never felt
this way before. Of course it's not love yet, but... who knows what is
waiting for us ahead. Right?
Waiting to hear from you.
With tenderness, Nastya.

and 3rd one :

Hello,my dear XXXXXX!
Thank you very much for your warm letter. I feel myself like a little
girl, I feel your care through your letters. I wonder to feel the
warmth of your hands? I think they are tender and warm. Do you like to
hug and kiss? I like it very much and wish our virtual hugs and kisses
will be in real as soon as it possible. I want to fall in love,
burning with feelings and desire, kiss my dear man and spend nights
with him. Tell me, what is love for you?
For me love is my life! Unfortunately I still don't know the true
meaning of love and what is it to be in love! I hope to feel it soon!
I missed to tell you, I have no computer at home, that's why I use
Internet Cafe services. We have computer room at the University, but
it's overcrowded all the time, so it's almost impossible to relax
there. By the way, my English is very poor and I don't know computer.
Please don't laugh, but one day when I searched for some information
for my classes, I found porno sites instead of life about one Russian
poet. Since that time I understood I can't use it at all. I write you
my letters in Russian on a piece of paper and then translator
translates them into English and print for you. As you know, it cost
money. I have to pay 4,59$ for each letter. But some people pay 98,99$
per month for unlimited correspondence, it's more convenient and
cheaper. Therewith, I can also use their photographer for this sum.
Their photographer is very good woman. She told me "Nastya, it won't
be a problem for you to find a man because you are very pretty". But I
believe it's not a question of appearance but of luck, what do you
Honey, if you corresponded with some girls before me, I'm sure they
asked you to pay Internet Cafe services. So, probably I didn't
surprise you. :) But to tell you the truth, it's very difficult for me
to ask you for a help, because I always tried to solve all of my
problems by myself.
I don't want you to take any rash decision, I won't be angry with you.
I'll accept your any decision, honey. The only problem, I'm not sure I
can continue to write you for a long time, because of the problem with
money for our correspondence. All I need is our communication. I don't
want us to lose each other and want us to meet in the nearest future.
I'm afraid if I'll never hear from you again, but I believe everything
will be ok between us.
Waiting for your reply.
With tenderness,
yours Nastya.