Scammer Tanya Tanya

April 14 / 41
Zelenogorsk Siberia.

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Comment #168092
How are you?
In the morning after work, I decided to go to a travel agency and find out how much my ticket would cost.
I was told that I have to buy a return ticket because I have a tourist visa.
I am very sorry that my letter begins so sad!
My ticket to you costs 780 euros, and I only have 400. I am missing 380.
Alexander, I'm very sorry that everything happened ...
Sorry to let you down. I am ashamed. I don't know what to do with myself.
I didn't think it would be so expensive. I was assured of something else. Forgive me.
I cannot go to my parents, because I have already led them along the road to you. I don't know what to do now
I hope you understand me.
I have no one to hope for but you!
I will wait for your reply! I do not know what to do now.
I need you! Write me please!
With love, your Tanya.
Comment #171615
Now she is using her e-mail address.
Comment #172020
Hello my dear.
Glad to receive a letter from you again! With each new day I begin, I think more and more about you. I can tell that you are the man I would like to be with. Dear, what time I try to call you your number is not available ... I don't know what to do anymore. I'm calling you on my cell phone ... I don't understand .. or I get into the moment when your phone is disconnected, or some kind of error .. I need your phone number.
Glad to hear mom is bouncing back ... that's good news. And then I felt that it worries you.
Every time I see your letter, a spark of love jumps in my body ...
I really like you, and I do not want to hide it. I'm starting to get attached and trust you and trust you. It can only be earned.
I feel that I am partial to you. I look forward to your letters with such joy in my soul that I can't wait to read them,
and I have to tell you the truth that I miss you so much. I'm falling in love with you more and more.
I really like you, the way you write, it's nice to read you and relax. In moments like this, I would like to see you by my side. Dear, when you are in Germany you will be close to your loved ones ...
Sorry, when the weekend comes, I haven't heard from you for two days
Friday and the last time I hear from you until Monday is the worst day
but I'm looking forward to it. To hear from you.
Bad news came in today about my job. The firm will be closed. The director has passed away. Today is a sad day.
Unfortunately, he was strict, but a good person.
We will be finishing our work next week. I do not know what to do. Again this uncertainty. If you meet, then I think it is better to do it away from relatives. I don't know how they will accept me, and we have never met. It seems to me better for us first to be in two, and then to get acquainted with the parents. I think it is right. we need to get used to each other .. And then, if we do a visa to Germany, then you can also make a visa to Germany from Peru. I just don't get it.
Wolfgang, I am thinking of meeting you. It would be great to see you for who you are in life.
I hope you are not playing with me. You have become important to me. I have feelings for you.
I understand, little time has passed ...
But I can’t help it and I don’t want to)))
Let's say goodbye, it's late, I need to go home
I will wait for a new letter from you!
Your Yulia