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hello! My name is Olga. i am a single soul who wants to love and be love, simply i want to be happy, i think you wish the same. i am a caring, full of passion and responsable person. i don't have children and i have naver been married but i am family-oriented and dream about family. i like to be on the open air, going out, lisent to a good music and so on. frankly, it is very difficult to tell about yourself in short letter and open myself, so if you want and are ready for knowing me more, please, write me " [email protected] " !!!

i am sure fate helps us to find each other. as for pictures, i am so sorry but i couldn't place my pictures, but i will send them for you if you write to me. i am waiting for you.

with hope Olga!

> Greetings dear Robert, how are you!? Why you have written nothing?! Can that or go not so?! Or
> probably you have taken offence at me what I could not write to you during?! To me it is simple most
> as that inconveniently before you because I would like to write to you every day, BUT unfortunately
> it is impossible. :( You very much to like me, I am simply glad meetings with you and I madly would
> like to speak with all of you more and more. I would not like to insist and show certainly my
> persistence, BUT nevertheless I think it can destiny - that you think rather, that that we a meeting
> on the Internet?! It would be desirable to see more than your photos, I hope that you can answer my
> letter and to send more than the photos.
> Ok, here today again to be late on work and it is here very strongly tired. It would be desirable to
> have a rest from everything, to take holiday, simply well to spend time, hope for the future meeting
> with you. The Christmas or New Year is possible?! ;)
> Excuse me, but time comes to an end in the Internet of cafe, yes especially the late evening. With
> hope and greater impatience tomorrow to receive your letter - it is desirable from a photo. Up to
> tomorrow my handsome man, your close girlfriend Olga.

> Mine dear Robert I all wait and I wait with greater impatience of your answer, with hope that you will
> soon write to me and will not forget me. Very much now it would be desirable to read through your
> words to me as they were last time mmm.. Write as it is possible soon, I wait your letter.
> Good to you of day, yours Olga.

> Greetings my lovely friend Robert,
> At me here all is good, and you how to live - why have written nothing?! How you to spend these days
> off, than were engaged in the free time?! How at you with health?! How at you now with weather?! How
> to live your native?! I hope that all is remarkable and especially when you to see my letter, your
> mood to improve in the best party, here for example as at me, it in fact so - yes?! ;)
> As I would like to apologize before you Robert for mine again a delay with the answer as I here just
> to arrive from village from my parents and the grandmother. I here had to leave in village on this
> Friday because was a lot of work both in a garden and on a farm. I hope that you understand me.
> Though was a great lot of work, but here know I is even not tired in everything, probably that I had
> a good spirit, especially in these 2 days were very warm also a star the bright sun and I am pleased
> to that has met you.
> In village it is very good to observe of a sunset because the sun to sit down above a dark gloomy
> wood and it to create beautiful conditions of the nature - me to like! :) I here itself love very
> much the nature and to try to value it. The temperature has risen up to a mark of +18 degrees of
> heat above zero that was unexpected for me.
> I as to transfer my relatives, native from you greetings and they transfer you ardent greetings.
> They are very happy that that I could meet such charming the man as you Robert. ;) I here itself am
> very glad, that could find you mine dear Robert. Usually we with my native it is a lot of to speak,
> talk, when I to come to them on a visit - nevertheless to me to have to see them seldom.
> Was so remarkable to have a rest from city vanity in silent quiet conditions as village. Yes here in
> these days off we went to a wood behind mushrooms, as now a season of good ceps and honey agarics
> about milk mushrooms. We to type full baskets of mushrooms from which to make at once various salads
> and to roll up to pickle banks of honey agarics. Here you know as pleasantly when in the street
> winter to open to bank of mushrooms and to make from them a good tasty dinner or a supper and at
> once to recollect the years period of time, when there is no neither what snow, nor what cold.
> If that is fairly I very much missed these days on you and I would like to arrive as soon as
> possible to city and to run in the Internet of cafe, what to read through your answer, to find those
> words, those gentle lines which I to wait which to me were to be seen. I here even to not come yet
> home, and already I write to you this letter - I hope to you pleasantly to hear about what I to
> tell! And now you again to present me pleasant emotions, to bring in my soul warmly and a drink of
> fresh air. I as thought of you much, to reflect on us with you, of our future - think why?! Yes
> because I would like certainly a meeting with such the man as you Robert and I hope, that it
> necessarily will occur shortly.
> On this note I think that I should finish this letter as tomorrow it is necessary to rise early,
> working week and so it would not be desirable for it again begins. :) Well to do, all and is
> necessary as that to live - though I have already got used to such sated way of life. Probably I the
> workaholic?! Though to not suffice me rest, but with hope think, that my chief can soon give me
> holiday, I so long waited for it. That is it promised it to make in the near future. ;)
> ok I shall go now as still it is necessary to unpack bags with products and to make that be to eat.
> I would like to see again tomorrow your answer and I shall wait for your letter with greater
> impatience.
> So up to tomorrow to wish to wish you good evening, my attitudes Olga.

Letter 2

I looked your profile and I have wanted to get acquainted with you closer. If you too
want it, look at my profile and write to me on my e-mail [email protected] !!!
I shall wait your letter and I shall send you a photo then. Yours faithfully Olga.
( hot.sweet.olga(AT)gmail(dot)com )------

Good afternoon my fine xxxxx,
thanks the big that you could answer to me this fine day. I very much was glad to read now your
letter as to me it is very pleasant. Here if fairly to admit, I simply to burn with the desire to
see your letters, it is more to learn about you as the person from other country Wink
I had to be late in village as the state of health of my grandmother was not so good. And I here
just to arrive from village as I needed to visit my grandmother again. Thank God now to my
grandmother to become much better and it can already go to rise on legs. Now to my grandmother of 79
years and it is a lot of. I simply to be proud of my favourite grandmother as it to me is very dear
as relatives to me the person. It always to help me with everything when for example to me it is
I as try to help each days off to it on its farm though it not greater on comparison with others,
but for that there to be a plenty of animals. At my grandmother is 6 - goats, 8 - sheeps, 2 - the
ram, 2 - cows, 4 - the bull, 20 - geese, 6 - a pig, 50 - hens and here behind all it to have to (WHAT! No Ducks!? Wink Very Happy)
observe and look after. As not only the person to require cleanliness, a cosiness, but also animals
as to love as we.
My parents as to help it as they to live a beside through 6 houses. And I to go in village not only
to the grandmother, but also to parents as.
Except for me to help my parents and my grandmother my native brother Alex and my native sister

Last night we sat to talk to my parents, I to ask as to go at them business, work and so on as my
parents to ask as me business. Here if it is fairly to tell that I a little about our acquaintance
to my parents and the grandmother. My grandmother to tell, that it not to time did not see me such
impressed and cheerful later my last years, yes I can tell to you fairly is so!!! As I hope for ours
with you friendly and serious attitudes will pass to what more as you me madly to like Wink they to
transfer you xxxxx greetings, to wish you all most the best in a life and would like certainly, that
at us with you all would turn out.
After all it, our family feast we have gone to a hall what to look TV. You know now at us on the
first channel to go such interesting transfer which refers to as " Dances on an ice "! There to act
all the most well-known become famous stars of Russia and here all of us together looked this
transfer. It was really pleasant to me to look TV and to be in a circle of relatives for you people
Here and so xxxxx I have lead the days off it is possible to tell day.
And what you to do in these days off than were engaged? Or you worked?
It will be very interesting to me to learn how you to spend the days off and not only, and it is
more about itself.
Now at us it became absolutely cold, here has passed a rain with a snow that is very bad as if today (Isn't it Summer! Confused)
there will be a frost all will freeze at night and will slide on roads, that as it is dangerous to
drivers and pedestrians. Because I the nobility during this period, and as in the winter many fatal
And how at you xxxxx business with weather are?! Whether all well or badly?! To think that it is
better than at us in Russia. Smile)
Well, I now need to gather, as I to not come yet home, from the bus I at once have come to the
Internet of cafe what to read your letter. Because very much waited for your answer.
I shall wait for your answer my friend xxxxx!!
As tomorrow I hope it to receive.
It was your new friend by name Olga.

Letter 3

My sweet, I have arrived from funeral yesterday but I can write to you
only today. I asked you that you helped me up to this Wednesday and I
ask you to not pull more time because it is our last chance. When I
shall come I shall carry only a dress and we shall be glad from ours
time of prodriving. It will be the best moments in our life. I ask you
to make only today effort and I shall come in you soon. I shall wait
your answer now. A kiss

Letter 4

Hello, my new friend !!!!!!!
I am interested in your profile and I decided to write to you!
My name is Kseniya, me 28 years.
I entered the Internet for those that would find their love and live with her long and happy! Rolling Eyes
I hope that will interest you !!!!! Twisted Evil
I look forward to your letter to me Email [email protected]

Letter 5

Hi !!! I was very glad when I has found out your letter in my mailbox.
It is so nice of you! Frankly speaking I couldn’t hope for it. I don’t
know what to say in my first letter, because I never got acquainted
through internet before.It’s something new and unusual for me. But
I’ll try write good letters to you. I suppose you’ll be able to
understand my words and what I will say to you. I hope that I'll find
somebody, specially for me who can share this day with me!! My
birthday on August, 21 th, 1980. So as you could understand me I am
almost 28 years old. I have a nice light brown hair, also it is
possible to tell long. I have green eyes as you can see in my film.
Well, my height of a body of 5,7 and weights of 120 kbs. So, also I
very much similarly to Sports competitions and everything, that to it
connected, I - the borrowed gymnastics, I very much similarly to
healthy the image of a life, and I think, similarly to which everyone
owes it. I was not married. I think first of all I need to know
anything about my man, to spend a lot of time with him and only then I
think the time will come and I will be able to decide he is for me or
not. I hope that you can understand me. Maybe it's not right but I am
afraid of making mistakes. I understand that there is no life without
mistakes but … I would like, it has well learned concerning the friend
the friend. My search is very serious. Please, try to believe me and
to understand me. I wish To find the person who will trust strictly. I
would hope, that yours the purposes will be similar, I would like to
hear yours Ideas, that you desire during the future. I think, which we
should understand and dismantle the friend the friend, and then meet.
I would like to know more about your family and to learn a little bit
more in detail about your birth ? you probably would like to learn
more in detail about my character as I want to know more about your
character. I can tell about it only according to mine familiar. I am
too open, simple girl. I can tell precisely by myself that the
sociable and purposeful woman. I love to be in a circle of the
cheerful, clever friends. In a circle of the people which I
communicate with, I have not found the man whom would be possible to
connect the destiny with. So I am a the work as the laboratorian in a
clinic. I have finished the university some years ago. you know that
my student's years were the happiest in my life. We had cheerful,
friendly company which had time simultaneously well to study and to
have a rest. With Internet I work for the first time. Difficultly
something to speak about it, you see, you are the first man whom I
communicate with the help of Internet. And when your birthday? I will
be with impatience wait for your letter. I hope that my photo is
pleasant to you. Please, send me your photos, WELL? I very happy shall
see them. Your new friend, Ekaterina.