Scammer Anna

Sue meizhou
Kiev, Ukraine
Sumy, Ukraine

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Ukraine cheat money scam and scheme, office liar.
Ukrainian lady dating liar, scam, she was fined $50000 for being scammed for 4 years, she didn't come to the airport to pick me up. She took off three times and arrived in Ukraine. She didn't come to Kiev Airport for 7 days. She liar didn't come to the airport. Pay to the customer service to steal money and give it to the lady, the lady is a lie haha, she refuses to meet you, she is forbidden to meet, she is forbidden to come to the airport, she does not come to Ukraine, she must go to other dating countries to prohibit coming to Ukraine, be careful for a few days when the lady cheats I didn't come to the airport to pick me up. I arrived at a broken relationship 3 times. The fraud did not come to pick me up for a few days. She is married and has children. She paid the lady to steal money. Called him at +38(096)436-90-96. The taxi driver couldn't get through. There was no address and no phone. She cheated not to come to the airport on a permanent date. Deceived. [Ladies can learn suggestions: please wait, want to meet, ask to come to Ukraine, immediately, look for customer service, you are very busy to go to the office, take off and arrive at the pick-up interpreter and show the lady's photo, the airport 1-3 days fast pick-up service] . She pays and it is forbidden to lend her money. Please do not refuse to meet, do not come to Ukraine, do not lie to her. [The man himself: I have the same opinion, I want to meet when I leave for Ukraine]. Post scam articles, search scammers online, and find relevant results. If you want to report UaDreams, the police will arrest your UaDream office after calling the police. Don't go to Ukraine UaDream date, you have to waste many times, and there are too many scams.

The original template before 2020, UaDreams scam. Piracy templates after 2020, UaDreams scam.

Please be careful when you arrive in Ukraine. The scammer refuses to meet. She will not pick you up when she arrives at the airport three times. She has been scammed for 4 years and fined $50000.

Hello, I did not pick me up at the Ukrainian airport, the Kiev office has no address, and the phone cannot be reached +38(096)436-90-96. Your customer service lied to me. The website scams money, buy air tickets to scam money, you can't pick me up at the airport, the lady website is a liar, you are an office liar, your customer service is a liar. I want to call the police! You have to report the evidence and get it. Go to the Ukrainian Embassy staff. The staff will inspect your office. The police will arrest your customer service. Your Kiev UaDreams office has been sealed. Your customer service will be fined. You will go to jail. UaDreams shuts down the server.

Your Kiev office does not have an address. Where is your office address? I go to UaDreams office. Your customer service will pick me up at the airport, and I will go to Samui with your customer service.

I know that your customer service cheated money, I paid, customer service steals money paid by the website, customer service gives money to other ladies, customer service cheats money, lady cheats money, office cheats money, I want to call the police! .

Is the lady website real or fake, you don’t have the airport to pick me up, you see my money, I don’t buy many wives, I don’t buy gifts, I don’t pay credits, you are a liar.

The lady is a liar. If she disagrees, she will be deducted and fined. Please do not write a disagreement, Police Gao # 2905 Alina will deduct a fine of 1500 USD, and Police Gao # 1728 Julia will deduct a fine of 1500 USD, a total of 3000 USD will be returned to me to accept Ali Na and Julia are not police, pay attention to her writing to detain.

Really old man, I am very old. I have never met a lady before. I have many women. I am sad to make money. Buying many wives can make money. I am a man who has not made money. I am an old man for a few years. I failed in Ukraine for the second time. I was angry and cheated. money.

What airport did you pick me up? #1728 Julia, why not single, she disagrees, she is a liar. #2905 Alina, what work does not go to the airport for a permanent period. Her ID and passport were sent to me for checking, and the police checked her ID and passport to search her family. I go to the Kiev office? I will wait at the Samui Railway Station. What is the address of your office? Your website has no address. Know about dating old people. In 2019, I arrived at you once, picked up at the airport once, did not pick you up at the airport, and was cheated three times. The police will arrest you if you want to call the police. You know, you know.

The ladies on the UaDreams website are all scammers. She doesn't pick me up at the airport, and the airport can't pick me up. If the airport doesn't have her, what will she do forever? , She lied.

Ukrainian ladies are scammers Link:

Alina is a liar

Julia is a liar

Lily is a liar

Anna is a liar

I arrived in Ukraine three times. She didn't come to the airport. She didn't pick me up at the airport. The lady lied. I bought air tickets to swindle money. The members of the lady website scammed money. The office was a scammer. I was punished by defrauding money of 50000 dollars. The office of the website does not have an address, the phone cannot be reached, 5 women disagree with men, Ukrainian marriage and love website is a liar, cheated money, Don't go to uadreams!

Previously, Chinese men started to register for UaDreams dating site in October 2016. They have seen ladies on the website, marriage and dating website scams, and individual members pay the website customer service to steal money and give it to the lady. It is a scammer. The office customer service swindles money and deceives people. China flew to Ukraine airport and woman liar, she didn’t come, she couldn’t come to the airport for a few days, you are really a liar, buy more air tickets to cheat money, pay your customer service to steal money and give it to the lady, I want to report you, UaDreams dating site is a liar, I I was defrauded of money. She arrived in Ukraine once in September 2017 and said that she disagrees with each other. The country came to arrest her for being defrauded and punished her with $50000. From September 2017 to March 2018, I arrived at Lily for the second time and didn't pick up. By August 2018, I arrived at Alina and didn't pick up. She had already arrived at the Ukrainian airport three times and was deceived. She cheated and refused to meet. I pick up the airport quickly for 5 days, and the office service arranges a slow pick-up for one year. A letter was sent to five ladies who scammed. I want to meet her with an opinion. The lady scammed and refused to meet. She didn't come to the airport for a few days, the airport didn't pick me up, the phone couldn't get through and there was no address. A letter to her, the airport went to Kiev by herself, she wrote a fake letter, she said, you do not come over, disagree, will not pick you up for 7 days. Been cheated three times. Ladies please do not refuse to meet. Ladies will be fined if they do not come to the airport. Dating website ladies are scammers. Offices are scammers. Many website members cheat money. Kiev office fraud crimes, office suspects, UaDreams dating website scams, Ukraine Kiev office scams , Individual members cheat money. Don’t believe UaDreams fraud. I want to report UaDreams dating site. Ask the police to arrest the suspect in the office. The penalty for fraudulent money in 4 years is $50000. I’ll report you if I’m cheated!