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Comment #167801
Came to work and open your mail. I am really glad to receive your
letter. How are you? So glad to know about you. Just received a batch
of Covid-19 vaccine. There will be a lot of work today. I got
vaccinated a month ago. How are you doing with vaccinations? Why did I
ask that?! To be honest, I'm tired of this topic. I will not talk
about it anymore... Usually I spend the most part of time at work.
Sometimes I work at night, I have irregular working hours. . Most of
time I work at morning and till evening. Have a good paid work, I like
it so much. I work in medical center Eva Family Clinic on position -
doctor therapist. I like my work because it gives me a lot of pleasure
in communicating with different persons and I can heal people. I
studied in Volga Medical University in city Nizhniy Novgorod. What
about me in small details: my birthday is January 18th, zodiac sign -
Capricorn . My height is 166 cm, weight is 56kg. What about my
character, I'm optimistic, friendly, and don't tolerate lies. I am
very kind with open heart girl. What about my hobbies: like walks on
open fresh air after work. Solitude with nature gives strength
especially in summer. Once a week I go to the pool and to gym. Like
reading books, listening modern pop music. Don't like to watch TV, but
like watching romantic films. What is your likes in music, film? Every
morning I wake up by sounds of my favorite songs and it charges me
during all the day. That is because I am alone and noone with whom I
can talk at home. How do you spend your free time? What is interesting
to you? Live alone few years with cat by name Anfisa. She is my little
baby :) Will be glad to know about you and your life more. Hope to see
more your photos too. Want to write more and more about myself now but
I need to work right now...The nurse called me.
Hope to see your reply soon. Have a nice day.
Comment #167820
This scammer has appeared on this site in the past. In February 2020 she appeared here. These are some other emails used with these photos.
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected].
[email protected]
Comment #168046
Favourite. the only one, thank you for being with me. Only you can make my life truly happy. And soon we'll be together.
I am glad that you do not leave me at an important moment in our relationship with you ...
Here is my bank account, my salary comes to it.

Beneficiary: Nikolaeva Mariya Evgenevna
Beneficiary's Account: 40817978800001583339
Beneficiary's Bank SWIFT: TICSRUMM
Beneficiary Bank: Tinkoff Bank
Beneficiary's Bank Address: 1st Volokolamsky pr., 10, bld. 1, Moscow, Russia

You are far away now, but for me you are near: in my heart, in my soul and in my thoughts. I am terribly bored and cannot think of anything. Honey, thank you for brightening my life. I will be really happy with you.
I hope you can help as soon as possible, since I already need to go to Moscow for a visa.
And it depends on your help how soon I will be with you. How soon will we be together ...
I am looking forward to meeting you, I am so worried, but I believe that everything will be wonderful with you ... I love you, your Maria!