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Hey my dear !

How its going? What's interesting happened?

Yesterday I went to see my sister and nephews. Well, how wonderful
they are. We had such a great time together. Imagine, Julia ran up to
me and said, "Aunt, you are smiling so much today, as if you won a
million." Hahah, we laughed so long, and then I thought. Which most
likely won. Only you are my prize . Such a smart, polite and
caring man. This is the best you can dream of. I would like to be even
closer to you and communicate with you more often.

I had the weirdest dream last night. I had a dream that we agreed that
you would come to Kiev only for one day to pick something up and we
would meet, even if it would be just for 10 minutes, so that we could
at least finally look into each other's eyes, hug each other and kiss.
I said that I would be shy to kiss you first, but you said you will
take the initiative, pull me into your arms and we would have the kiss
we have both been dreaming about and longing to have for so long. But
then the next day "in my dream" I called you and we had a weird
conversation like we couldn't meet because I was at work and you had
some errands to run and had to leave by 5pm. It was the weirdest dream
and it actually made me really sad, although in it we both knew that
the next time we meet it will be magical and will be forever. What I
want to say is that no matter what we should do everything we can in
order to have that magical moment where you pull me into your strong
arms and to never let me out of your life again. OK? I promise you
that I will do everything I can from my side. Can you promise me that
too? (WIN)

I have to go) My boss look on me very weird. Probably its because my
big smile on face when I wrote letter for you. Dont want to get

Wish you a good day:))

Kisses and hugs

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Hello my dear Cristian.

Well,  I  can no longer hide my delight when I receive your letters. I
do  not  know  how this is possible, but I am waiting for your letters
more  than  the  end of the quarantine and the pandemic. Hahah. I also
expect them, but the news from you is stronger. Tell me how you are my
dear  Cristian. What's interesting happened? How do you feel? I'm very
sorry  that  you had to go through all this, but all the troubles make
us stronger and stronger ... Therefore, these are just lessons of fate
and you are great with them

With  you  in  my  life,  I began to feel stronger, or maybe just more
secure.  I'm  afraid  of  losing you and then losing my confidence and
again  feel  a sense of vulnerability, some kind of fragility. In this
difficult time you came into my life and gave me hope. You are strong,
reliable  and I'm not afraid of tomorrow with you in my life. Since we
met,  I feel that I mean something in this world. I'm serious! You are
dear to me and I am proud that I have you.

I  gathered  my  thoughts  and  wanted  to ask you something. I'm very
uncomfortable, but the feeling that I'm doing this for the sake of our
future will help me Cristian. I would like to buy a smartphone so that
I  can  communicate with you closer. Take new beautiful photos for you
and  just  be  in  touch  24/7. This would make our communication much
easier. But the problem is that my financial situation leaves a lot to
be  desired  and I can't afford it, if only you could lend me a little
money  to  buy  it.  I  would  return them to you as soon as I get the
chance.  I  saw  that  there  are phones with a good camera, they cost
around 200 euro. I just want us to get as close as possible before our
meeting.  I  understand that we have never met and perhaps this is too
much,  what  I ask. But this is all for the sake of our future. I will
understand  if  you refuse and do not want it. But I hope you can help

I will wait for your answer

Kiss and hug

Your Alyona

P.S. Did you get answer
Comment #168336
She need so many smartphones :-) Photos stolen from Instagram.

Hello my dear Peter !

Before I say anything else, I want to tell you right away that I felt
so guilty for asking for your help yesterday that I couldn't sleep
last night. Seriously, I can't even explain what I felt. Putting aside
my feelings of self shame, I was worried that you would stop talking
to me. So I was so glad when I saw your reply. I want to thank you
again that you came into my life. I only spoke to a few men on that
site since I joined but when I spoke to you I knew that you were
special. Actually, since we started writing to each other, I have not
been back to that site and do not see a need to. I was so scared that
you would turn away from me and I am so glad that you didn't. That
only proves that you are a real man with great heart and good
intentions and I am even more sure now that I made the right choice
when I stopped my search for the man of my dreams with you. I Love The
Way You Think, your humor, and You make me feel loved, safe and secure
and I am lucky to have you in my life. As I said I would not have
asked you if I did not dream of us bring together. So all these dreams
just made me want to see you more and more and sooner and quicker. I
am afraid to loose you and I believe we want the same things in the
future. I don't want to waste time and wait a long time before our
first meeting because a lot of things can happen as time goes by,
don't you agree?

How are you today? How was your day? I would like to apologize in
advance for asking you for help. This was not very correct on my part.
I could not find a place for myself yesterday and was spinning in bed
all night. Couldn't wait the morning to write to you. But how glad I
was when I found your letter in the mailbox. I could not even dream
that you would agree to help me. I am so grateful to you :)) This can
make us even closer and we can be in touch with each other more often.

Ah, yes Peter... in order to start doing yoga, you just need to come
to the center ... hahah, I hope that there is a good teacher and she
will teach everything. it is better to start with classical yoga, and
then try something else!

I do not think that everything is so good with vaccinations, our
country is rather poor, and our territory is even more so. I heard
that ordinary people will not be able to get vaccinated until the end
of autumn or the beginning of next winter, so this is a long process!

Peter I felt that you are a person with a kind heart and will go to my
meeting in order to develop our relationship. From my side , I will do
everything to make our connection stronger.

Since I live in the occupied territory and we have no post or
delivery. I checked that not expensive phone with good camera cost
around 200 euro, is it okay? I called the financial center and they
said that you can send me your help using the Western Union, RIA or
Money Gram. To do this, you will need information about me:

Receiver: Godunko Alona

Address: Ruduchanska Street, 20

City: Horlovka

Country: Ukraine

ZIP: 84619

Phone number: +380637445663

Wish you a good day and waiting for your reply:))

Hug you :))