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> Hello my dear friend Jason !!!
> I am glad to have received from you the new letter. All day I thought of, whether you will write to me the
> letter, whether I could interest you. But
> Now in my soul became quieter, and I read your answer and I understand, that if you answer means I could
> interest you. Believe Jason
> It is joyful for realizing for me.
> And, please, can we speak by phone???
> My cell number is +79177022261, where +7 country code.
> Emails not enough for peoples to learn each other well.
> It will be very interesting to speak with you by phone.
> You can call me everyday. But sometimes i cannot take a phone, because i am at work.
> Pleasefind information about our difference is time. I live at Moscow time.
> And try to call me my evening, near 8 p.m
> In the previous letter I have not told all about myself. So in this letter I shall try to correct it. I shall
> begin the story with the childhood. In family
> I was the only child and I was surrounded with caress and care. But despite of it I have not grown the spoilt
> child. I think the story of that
> As me drove in a kindergarten to you it will be not interesting, and I at once wish to pass to that age when I
> have started to visit school. At school I studied
> Very well. I dreamed to become nurseries the doctor. I liked to treat the dolls. I considered that dolls is
> small children and to me was
> pleasant to potter with them. But already having matured and having passed to the senior classes I had other
> predilections. I have started to take a great interest in sports, at
> Me already at school there were one of the best parameters on physical culture. We went with a team from school
> on various competitions. I entered in
> Team on basketball. Were certainly and losses but we always aspired to improve our result with a team. I still
> had many letters with
> The won games. I have finished school with a silver medal. Unfortunately constant departures games were a little
> reflected in my progress on
> To some subjects. And I did not manage to leave school on a gold medal. But I consider a silver medal it is
> good. Then already I
> Has decided to study as the teacher. And I have arrived in Pedagogical institute, in the city of Kirov. And I
> have left to study there in 1995. In 1998 ours
> The institute has won the first place on basketball among universities. And since that moment I have understood
> that never I shall stop to play basketball. It
> Game on has enticed me so much, that I came one to a sports hall and simply fulfilled throws on a basket. In
> 1999 we began to leave in
> Other cities on competitions. And certainly we not always had prize-winning places, but it was very good time.
> In 2001 I have finished
> Institute with the red diploma perfectly well. Director Pedogogicheskogo of institute has awarded me and our
> team with certificates of honour for activity
> In sports. I till now recollect this student's life. It was very pleasant time. And in general the student's
> life is cheerful young
> Life. Certainly when I the first time have arrived to this city, this city very huge has seemed to me. And first
> time to me was very difficult
> To live there. I lived in a hostel and absolutely nobody knew. But after a while I have got acquainted with
> other students. And now me very much does not suffice
> This time.
> After the ending of institute, I have arrived home. And at once has found work. I began to be engaged in
> favourite business. I have come to the school in
> In which studied. Also became the teacher of physical culture. In 2002 I have collected a basketball team and
> start them to train.
> We have started to play tournaments between schools. And certainly not always entered in prize-winners, but
> children were very much pleased, that they play this game.
> It is necessary to be not only the trainer, but also the psychologist what to train children. It is not so easy
> as it seems at first sight. But I love
> The work and my kiddies whom I train like.
> I think to you my story about my life has not strongly bored? I also would like to learn about you, whether are
> you the lonely child in family? Tell
> About the close relatives and about family? It would be pleasant to me to know it.
> On it I shall finish this letter and I hope it have not tired you. I want as it is possible to tell about myself
> more in detail. Also I hope you you will estimate it.
> Yours Olga!