Scammer Oxana/Elvira/Olena,.....Who knows!! Oxana/Elvira/Olena,.....Who knows!!

Oxana/Elvira/Olena,.....Who knows!!
Oxana/Elvira/Olena,.....Who knows!!
Rivne Ukraine

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Marital status: Single Info: I am different from other girls because I'm creative and try to make my
life interesting by having many unusual hobbies that make me look even more beautiful.
Want to know which? Write me as soon as possible!! No other girl can match me! Sexual Preferences:

Heterosexual experience: Yes, only sexual Homosexual experience: No
How often do you want to have sex?: A few times a week Breast size: Medium
What excites: Lingerie, Smells, Leather Sex preferences: Kisses, Massage, Petting, Masturbating each other, Cunnilingus, Vaginal sex,Watching a porno together,Sex-toys,Role playing (medical sister, etc.)
More photos Elvira, Ternopol, Ukraine, 21 y.o., Virgo
Last visit:03.10.2008 03:50
I am looking for: Man.
Purpose of acquaintance: Marriage.(joke) Your MONEY!!

Hello my sweet man!!!!!!!!
I am so happy that we have met in Internet!! At last I have found the man with
whom very interestingly to communicate!!! Your letters such lovely kind
and interesting I do not present the day without them!!! But I can’t
write you
more((((((( It’s very expensive to me to
use an interpreter.
My English isn't good (in the future I plan to learn it )
the interpreter from [email protected] helps me with my letters to you I very much
would want to use
the electronic translator but the meanings of the texts are not understandable.
I'll be the happiest girl in the whole world if you will write in [email protected]
Because I can not live without your
letters and without you my candy man!!!!!!
We should continue our dialogue because I do not want you to lose!!!!
And what about your feelings to me?? I think they
are similar to mine!!! don't want to lose you
and our
relationships it is
difficult to find the person who you understand and want to be with..
I wait for yours decision and I hope that it will be correct!!!
I miss you and you must know about my feelings they are light and kind!!!
10000000 kisess from Oxana

Thank you very very much my dear for your transfer!!!!
It's very pleasant to read your letters!!!I think it's beginning of our
relations...I hope that it'll be lasting and romantic!!!
Oh!dear I want to hear the sound of your
voice,looking eye to eye with gentle intent!!Oh!!my God!!!I think I
fall in love with you my honey!!!I fly on the wings of love!!!!My
darling and what do you feel??? I like you to be my soul mate!!!

I send you my love and a tender kiss
My LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so happy that you wrote me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I miss you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everything is OK???My love,your letters are so infrequent. Why?????? May be you have some problems???????
Dear please write me more often!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so lonely without you(((((((
P.S:I send you last letter form [email protected] because I had
problems with my mailbox but now everything is all right)))))))))

Thank you very much for your letter and for the
explanations. I understand your concern and that it
is hard for you to believe but understand me too. I
opened my heart and soul for you and it turned out that
you still did not learn how to believe me. I know that
there are a lot of fraud over the Internet and sometimes people
can use photos of other people pretending to be them.
But I also learnt to believe you as there are a lot of men who write
to different women and tell the same i.e. I love you, I need you, you
are the only one. Believe me there are a lot of them! But I trust you
and I know now that I am the only one. That is what i want you to feel
towards me......
Please, write soon,

Honey, thank you so much for your letter.
I am so glad that we cleared out all that
happened to us recently. I am glad that you
told me truth as this is something I highly
appreciate in people.
Sweetheart I talked to my parents about the
English courses and they agreed to help me.
Unfortunately they can not pay the whole sum
($350) for one month of classes but they will
give me $150 each month. I would appreciate
if you will help me also with $200 each month
for the classes. I really understand that this
is very important for our future that I will be
able at least to speak English (to write also)
and I want to do it for us, honey!
I really miss you and want to be with you and ready
to do my best to meet you soon and to kiss you!

Thank you for your letter.
Please, tell me if I am to make
agreement to start my lessons on
Monday! I am just worrying because you
did not say anything in your last letter.

Just let me know.
I kiss you,
Where are you again?
I hoped to start my English lessons today
but you did not write me... Why?
I want to do everything to meet you soon
but you just disappear....

Thank you so much for your letter.
Honey I spent almost all day in a bank and they told me
that I will have to pay a commission every month if I open an account.
So I talked to my friend and she told me that she has a relative
that has an account and pays this commission every month anyway.
She was so sweet to allow me to use her bank account and I will
pay nothing for this:) Here are the details:
Intermediary Bank:
American Express Bank LTD., New York USA,
pax.#742106. SWIFT BIC: AEIB US 33
Or Bank of New York, New York USA, pax.#8900341629,
Beneficiary's Bank:
NADRA Bank, Lugansk branch, UA,
Beneficiary: Olena Barylo
Account #: 29247800007509
Details of payment: Private money transfer
to acc.# 79895393, card VISA

Honey, she comes to my city several times a week and I will
go to the bank with her to receive money.
Do not worry, she is very honest and I am not sure all will be ok.
I need to go now, but, please, when you will put money on account just
tell me the exact sum, ok?
And also tell me when you will put money.
I love you and miss you very much and really want to know that you are
safe and how you spend your days.
Kiss you 1000000 times,

bah blah bluh, Wont email me back when i asked for copy of passport etc ,Shes very pretty & tempting,Good Plumbing i imagine, but shame about her Wiring!!!