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I met OLENA STRYELKOVA in a web site

After she scam me i inform the manager of this site , she deleted her,

and put her now in a black list of scammer.

She ask me money for her trip ( ticket + hotel + visa )

Just after i send to her the money by western union (800 euros)
she wrote me that she is sad because her mother cry and not let her to come to me.

She keep the money ! and i became the new victim of this scammer !

She give me the follow address of her :

city SLAVYANSK ( Donetsk region)
Pushkin street
H-7, F-24

her mobile is : + 38 0502652963
her home phone : + 38 0626237192
Her passport number : AX353099 UKRAINE

Her birthday : 05 Oct. 1979
Her email : [email protected]

And : [email protected]

---Here i joint a copy of her letter that she send me by email

Her first letter start from September 07 (see copy)
and she send me the last at September 18 (see copy)

from Elena:)

From: max red ([email protected])

Sent:Sunday, September 07, 2008 9:17:55 AM


max red ([email protected])

To: xxxxxx

TURY_in_u...htm (21.0 KB)

Dear,here is some information about the tours and hotels.the price depend of how many days the tour includ.if you will have some questions about it let me know pls:)and i will send yu some more information from the agency site.ok i hope to get your email soon!!! kisses

--Forwarded Message Attachment--

From Elena

From: max red ([email protected])

Sent:Wednesday, September 10, 2008 11:45:59 AM


max red ([email protected])

To: xxxxxxxxxxxxx

POLIS.htm (15.8 KB),3.htm (24.8 KB),2.htm (18.0 KB),TURY_in_u...htm (15.7 KB)

Good morning my dear!!! yes they have tours in some hotels you sent me,but all the tours on September.i am sending to you some information about the hotels and price.the dait of the tours on September of the hotels is in Polis!

Have a good day!!!kisses:)


From: max red ([email protected])

Sent:Wednesday, September 10, 2008 12:00:01 PM


max red ([email protected])

To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

паспорт.jpg (111.4 KB),10.jpg (109.9 KB),i 009.jpg (55.5 KB),i 020.jpg (0.0 KB),i 025.jpg (84.2 KB),i 035.jpg (91.5 KB),i 031.jpg (89.4 KB),3.jpg (45.1 KB),4.jpg (40.1 KB)

Dear,i am sending you some photos of myself and hope you will also like them:) and the copy of my passport for you trust me,cause i asked in the agency also they want i pay in ukrainian money only.kiss you!!!!!!!!

From: max red ([email protected])


Thursday, September 11, 2008 12:50:46 PM


max red ([email protected])

To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi my dear XXX !! thank you for you open your heart to me..but i dont understand really why do you write me such things about in internet many play? i never play with you! and i hope you not play with me!! i also so tired to be alone..and i really like you..but sometimes i am worry too cause i think maybe you are not seriouse about me,about our meeting...ok my dear i think everybody can be worry and it is normal.

but i want to tell you one more time that i like you very much,your personality and how you do look:) and i am seriouse about everthing. i very want to meet you,to know you and i hope that we will be together then:) i trust you and i want you trust me


From: max red ([email protected])

Sent:Wednesday, September 17, 2008 1:06:38 PM


max red ([email protected])

To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

03.jpg (62.4 KB), 02.jpg (57.6 KB), Park Beac...url (0.4 KB), Park Beac...url (0.4 KB)

Hello my dear! how are you today? i am ok and thinking of you:) it was pleasant to chat with you by massenger yesterday:) and thank you for the nice photos you sent me!

i really so want to meet you and know you better! t have a nice wolks togeteher,to go to the beach and many other things!

i have call in the agency in my city today.and you was rigth it was mistake about the tour.and the tour in Limassol in Park beach hotel cost 669 eur. not 669 $. and the tour pasket includ the visa! and transfer to hotel,medical insurance.

Dear,please lets buy the tour!!! that is last tour for 15 days in the hotel! and the price is much low anyway then for other! please!!:)

I have found some photos of the hotel in google and i am sending the photos to you!

Have a good day!!!Kisses!!!:)


From: max red ([email protected])

Sent:Thursday, September 18, 2008 8:31:35 PM


max red ([email protected])

To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hello my dear, i have given my documents to the agency and now i just have to wait..but i have something to tell you...i have telk with my mother yesterday evening about my plans to visit you and she asked me many times for i dont mother afraid about me very much and she think that is very strange that man in your age interested in young woman like me...i told to my mother that you are very good and kind person and you like flowers.... but my mother ask me all the time for i dont go..she even cry...and i am very sad about it..