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In every mail there were one or two Elena's photos, when there was she described family problems.

hello dear HERVE
Thanks for your letter. I wish to learn more. Also I can tell a little about myself. I wish to tell, that I live in Russia in city Bor is Nizhniy Novgorod area. In profileon a site I could not specify it because mine profile did not check.Therefore I have decided to specify other country.I use internet a little. And really I do not know what to write, but I will try to interest you me.I hope, we will find common language.I’m a friendly and open-minded person. I’m very kind-hearted and always ready to help.People always feel very comfortable with me. I do not like quarrels and misunderstandings asI’m a peaceful person. I’m also very dynamic and merry, so you will never feel bored with me. :) I am very independent but still family-oriented. I have strong family values and dreaming aboutsweet children. If you are mature, kindhearted and reliable man then do not loose yourchance and write to me. I am sure we will find lot of things in common! I am a very active girl and I am interested in many things. I like camping, swimming,travelling and enjoy being with my friends. I am fond of music and reading.I like to find out something new and interesting for me.Appearance is not the most important thing for me. Whether the man is tall or short,dark-haired or light-haired - these are not the main criteria of my choice.I would like to meet a strong, smart and kind-hearted man who will love and respect me.He should be a real man: I mean he should always take care of me, protect me and make me feelI just want to find a good man. I want to meet a man without whom I will not be able to livein this world. I am willing to find a real happiness. I want to find a real and very strong love! My future soul-mate is caring, loving and understanding. He is sincere andalways honest with me. He is a real man who knows how to take care of his woman!It is all that I wished to tell to you about myself, I think, that I have told to you all better qualities. Nevertheless I really expect from my search, it to find the correct man for me.I have paid to you attention dear HERVE, you have liked me, I will tell fairly, please,I really hope as the letter was pleasant to you my to the first. In any case,write me the answer, I expect with impatience of your letter.Yours faithfully, Elena P.s. For good communications, I think, it is necessary to have some your photos.If can, send them in the following letter....

hello my dear Herve
Thanks for your letter and I think of you much. I wish to be with you,but I feel, that now it is difficult to make it. I will try to explain all situation.Yesterday to me the letter from tax inspection where it was said has come,that it is necessary for me to pay the tax to donation.My grandmother has presented to me the house. It has occurred literally several months ago.Under the law it is necessary to pay the tax to donation.I did not expect about these compelled expenses. I wish to be with you,but it is impossible to me!!! And at me bad mood today. At me all was,money for tickets, for pocket expenses to be at you dear Herve, even on presenting to you a gift small,but now all against me. On that will pay the tax at me less than week.Because the letter has come to me with delay. I appear should receive it still one week ago,but with problems in post service it has come just now.In in general now I have a choice in that: either to pay for tickets or to pay for the tax.But I suspect that can simply not let out me from the country if I not payment for the tax.I do not know that to me to do. Yesterday asked the best friends and acquaintances of the help,hoping to solve this problem, but they only shrugged shoulders.I do not know what to do. I will search for exits as I should meet you, at me holiday!Other time at me can and not to be in the near future, I very much worry in this occasion.Well, excuse for sad news, can you dear Herve, something will prompt?I will wait your letter. Can you will try to contact my travel agency?I do not know, that you could tell there,but I am afraid to go there as I already should pay for tickets...With love, yours Elena

Hello my dear Herve
Today I was in tax inspection and have paid the tax to house donation. It was necessary formaking for me right now. In travel agency to me have told, that me could not let out fromthe country if I do not pay it so in any case I should make it. It is difficult to me to realise now,that I do not have money for tickets, unfortunately. Very badly for me now.After I have paid the tax I went to travel agency and was interested in terms of payment of tickets.To me have told, that it is necessary to pay in the shortest terms for the air ticket.I have told, that I now do not have money. Before submitted documents on reception of thevisa me asked about the trip purpose. I have told, that meal to you, dear Herve. But me have told,that it is not necessary to speak about it at interview in embassy and I will go to you as the tourist,I wrote about it to you in early letters. Tourist the agent to me has told, that there is such possibility - to buy the air ticket for me throughtravel agency. The air ticket is necessary for buying here as I have concluded with them the contract.The darling Herve, I hope, that you understand my situation and my feelings to you and as,that this meeting for us is very very important. You can contact travel agency and buy the ticket there for me?I will leave data of travel agency to you, try to contact them.e-mail: manager@travelhottour.rusite: adres:Ðîññèÿ, the postal index 603023, Nizhni Novgorod, Beketov street, 32.fax: +79063352114 Ph.: +79063352114I cannot ask you money, as it against my rules. If you could pay in travel agency it was other step.In the future I could give you them as I do not wish to remain before you in a debt.Last days I thought only of a meeting with you dear Herve and I was happy,the smile did not descend from my person, I on was happy so much,that did not notice small troubles. For me weather was not important,during a rain I was as is happy, because I thought of other. I thought of you. Also it is the truth.It is very burdensome to realise, that my plans fall.As I much have made to organise to you a trip. Last days searched for exits and tried to occupy from the acquaintances and friends,but all is now visible against me.Pours a rain and it became sad. I will wait your letter.With love, yours Elena.

Good day my loved HervéHervé how are youI am very glad that that have contacted agencyDarling Hervé I should arrive to you on Wednesday next week, it on October, 22ndDarling Hervé but to pay it is necessary on earlier and that it is possible to pass this flightThe darling my visa will be calculated on 90 days of a finding in your countryHervé the darling I think you understand that that for my air ticket it is possible to pay in agency,and you should not send money to me and you can send money at once to agencyHervé the darling I very much wish to arrive to you, but the darling if you can send me of money that I will pay that it asHervé the darling it would be good if to pay for the ticket this week today or tomorrowI will look forward to hearingWith love your Elena