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Hello my darling. I am very glad to receive your letter , I am very
pleased that my mail interested you and intrigued you. I'd love to
tell you about myself

I am now 33 years old . I grew up in Ukraine , the city of Lugansk.
Yes, maybe you've heard a lot about this city because of the war. But
no , don't worry, there are no explosions at the moment and everything
is fine. Yes. the city has changed and the people have changed, but I
hope that in the future everything will change for the better.

I grew up with my father ,mother , grandfather and grandmother from
birth. I had a full-fledged family with a very proper upbringing. They
gave me the right concepts for the world and a view of real life. I
have certain values and norms. I am very grateful for this kind of
upbringing. We have never had conflicts, quarrels, misunderstandings.
We all treated each other with love , understanding and respect.

When I was 14, my grandparents passed away. I understood that this is
life , but this is a very terrible trouble ... We were all very
friendly together... but I'd rather not talk about it.. It makes me
very upset. I am a very emotional person..

At the age of 18 , I entered the university for a philological
education , I studied English from the age of 5 , after I learned it,
I began to learn French, then Spanish. In general, I know 3 foreign
languages, Russian and Ukrainian, respectively. After graduating from
this faculty, I started studying psychology and graduated with a red
diploma. I loved reading books about people's behavior and I like to
talk to people and help them with something . And after all that, I
graduated from law school.. As a result, I have 3 educations. But, no,
don't think I'm a nerd or a smart girl. I am a simple girl who loves
learning and helping people.

Then the war broke out , and I couldn't find a job in my specialty and
I had to do cosmetics, order and sell them. It was a fun job,
especially since there were good discounts for me. But the coronavirus
ruined everything, I used to be able to earn $ 500 a month. And now I
work as a shoe salesman for $ 130. This is not what I dreamed of. But
I have no way out and no other work to do. I tried to find something
on the Internet, but I didn't find anything good.

I hope I didn't bore you with my letter and you read it to the end...

Thank you for your attention and interest in me ... I'll look forward
to hearing from you

with love