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Julia's address:Veresneva street, 12a.A/Ya 38 kiev Ukraine 02099 My full name:Julia Zherdeva


Good morning, my Johnny!!!
How are you doing? Were you tired?? Why? Maybe because time difference? Ohhhh.. I hope everything will be fine. I do worry about you. My darling, thank you for helping me with buying tires. Yes, I want to protect my life and Marik's life either. Like I said before I need about 600$.

My address:Veresneva street, 12a.A/Ya 38 kiev Ukraine 02099 My full name:Julia Zherdeva

About our vacation, honey, I checked my calendar and dates are from 14th of June till the 21st of June. But what country? I told you I was in France twice. And you told that flights were cost 800$ this time and now it has doubled, 1600$. Yes, because of vacation time. It will, but what air company did you fly this time? Why were tickets were so cheap?

Honey, if you can call me, I will be glad to talk to you over and over, but if you can't and you need to have a rest, no problem. We will talk next time. You really need to have a rest for a while. I miss you very much!

Kisses and hugs from me!!!

Your Julia.


hello, my dear Johnny!

Yes, everything is ok here. I am at work and Marik back to school. I see you feel not good, you can't sleep well, and all time you can't fall asleep.. why? How is your work? How is your life there? I can't believe that I am in Kiev. I don't like to have too long days off. I have many deals at work to finish and start.. And please don't offence on me.. I am really busy all day along.. But I am writing this letter and say you how I have been missing you!!!

You know, while I was out of Kiev, with my family.. we talked a lot about my life and I said that I found one man, but I need to be sure 100% and I also had conversation with my son. Yes, he is little boy, but he asks me very important questions. You know recently we had such conversation:

"Mom, are you going to marry?""Yes, I am.. Why did you ask it?""Because I want to have a father""He will speak English then, right?""Ok..How will I speak with him? Do I need to teach English too. I want to speak English."

And you know, I told you about it before about getting PC and table for teaching English. And even when he comes there he will need to understand it but he doesn't know any words, nothing. I want he could be ready for it. It will be other country, other language and I can learn it a little bit. Darling, I am going to buy al these stuffs for it. I checked prices and I will need about 700$ ( table and PC). But to have full complete package ( including Internet and web cam) will cost a little bit more, about 900$. What do you think about it? I think it is a good idea and we can be online on evenings through cams, what do you think? Please, talk to me. It's important for me.

I am looking forward to hear you! And I hope you will have opportunity to call me tonight. Ok, honey!

Kisses and hugs.. missing you. Your Julia.


Good morning my darling!

Wake up the new day is calling you :))) How are you doing? How was your day yesterday? I hope everything was fine! Mine is good too but only busy because I am going to leave the office early today because tomorrow we will go to school. I told you. I need to buy a new suit for Marik. He is going to tell a poem :))) Today we went to the school and had a rehearsal before the main concert. I will take some pics of it and send you only on Monday :)) I think this weekend we will go shopping again and finally get the PC for Marik. Because the next week is going to be insane. I really don't know what to do... I checked out prices for hiring teachers for Marik.. I am speechless honey.. I really don't know what to.. I spend a lot money only for him. I also found out one school, it's sport school. He can spend time there all day long. I think he could spend time at home, teach English and other half to spend in this school. To hire a teacher will cost 200$ a month and sport school is 300$ a month. Not too bad. What do you think?

yesterday you were going to do a new presentation. How was it? Please tell me about it :) I do want to hear it!!!!! Did you win? I hope so :)

Ok honey, I will go and waiting for your letter or calling very much! The weather is wonderful and I have so high mood today because I have a sunshine in my heart! It's you!

Kisses and hugs, your Julia.Love ya.


Good morning my sunshine :)))

Thank you very much for your wonderful letter! It's really so wonderful to start my day from your letters! I feel that I am not alone here! How was your weekend? Darling, I didn't see any calling on my phone. Maybe we had a bad weather here and there was no connection? :( I am so sorry...

So, you went to the swimming pool! I love it!!! I hope everything is ok there. Darling, our weekend was great. The holiday was great also! Marik told a poem and he got his PC as a present because of the finishing this study year :))) He was so happy!!!!! Thank you very much, my darling! You are so sweet!!! After the concert we had meeting with all parents. You know, I want to tell you something. All Marik's class is going to the camp, it's like boy scout camp, to be out 21 days in the camp. It's really great! He will be 21 days with his classmates, so I can work But the ticket for a group tour costs about 400$. The camp starts working on the 4th of June until the 21th of June. I need to get all his medical papers and buy some things for it. I have 2 days. It would be nice it you could be here, to help me. Oh, Johnny.. I do want to get this tour for Marik. I see that all parents help and got this tour for their children, they asked me if Marik is going to be in the camp. Of course, I told them that they will be together. He is happy and getting ready for it. But no one knows how it's hard for me to get this tour. Marik is without a father who can care of him. I can't refuse him because he wants to go with his classmates. Every year all classes go to the camps, it takes 21 days. I think it's very nice proposition. I am a little scared because he is 6 years old, but from other side I believe in him, he will love it He is very communicative boy. Today when we woke up, he asked me "What da is it today, mommy?" I said.. " today is Monday, the 2nd of June".. he said: " Cool! In two days I will go to the camp!" You should see his happy eyes! I hope you will help me with buying this tour. I am looking forward to hear you!

Kisses and hugs, your Julia.

Love ya.


Hello, my dearest Johnny!

Yes, finally I got my PC at work and got connection. Thank you very much for your letters! I was so glad to read it and knowing about your worrying about me and my son! Here all is changed, but too dirty.. I need to clean the office a little. But everything is ok, better than was before :)

How is your days? I see you had fun, going to the swimming pool, wine etc :)) it's cool :) As for me, yes, we got fun in the cinema and on Sunday morning I got Marik to the camp again. I will go to pick up him this weekend again and will take some pics :)))

Darling, about our meeting, I think it will be good to try to come in the USA, but I can only in September. I don't have time in August. I told you about it. I need to finish with my projects, I can't leave Ukraine while it's not done :(( And what about you? I guess you will have a vacation in August. Maybe in September? What do you think, my dear?

I am reading your letters over and over and I am so happy.. I have been missing your letters, your words. Of course I like to talking to you on the phone, but I like reading your letter either :))) They are full of happiness :)) And yesterday, I took some more pics :)) I hope you will like it :))

Darling thank you for giving me your help, and your supporting. You know, soon Marik will get home and will stay home, I am going to find a teacher, English teacher, who will teach him and of course a woman who can spend time with him while I am at work. I have been thinking about spending time at home. Before he had a scooter, but it's broken.. so, I want to buy cycle for him. He asked me to buy it when he gets home. And plus I will need to pay for lessons and being with Marik all day long. I will need about 500$ till weekend. Can you send money till Saturday?

About the ring and some presents, hmmmmmmmmmm.. I love it :))) About the ring, my size is 17.. I don't know if it is the same in the USA. I hope you will find out it. And I also checked Victoria Secrets, I am sending pics of some sportsuits with links.


Hello, my darling!

I hope you slept enough and rest enough after your trip to TN. It's a pity that it was in vain :( You just spent time..

Johnny, but I am very glad to read your letter which always brings me joy, happiness every day! I am very thankful you for giving this positive emotions! Right now it is hard to answer your questions because here I have problems, I live here.. I told you before, first of all I need to resolve problems here, to get documents and as soon as I get it I will start doing this visa. Please, don't worry about it. I know what you feel, how you want to be with us. I do know it, but and I can't hurry up here too because it doesn't depend on me. I have a son. I think of him 24 hours a day. Plus still have problems with water. Now I need to get about 1,000$ to pay for grilling a well. I don't know where to get it.. it's crazy.. it makes me inane.. such prices are so high.. but from other side it is very cheap to make a well during two weeks, including all equipments from a well to my apartment, works and etc. Oh my love, how I am tired of it.. every day come home, bring water on the last floor, cook, make laundry because Marik doesn't understand how to be clean the whole day.. he is a child.. oh God.. I cry every day when I go to bed.. I am trying to be strong, don't show what I feel.. but I have no one who will understand me.. how I live here..

Darling, forgive me for this sad letter.. I really want to finish with all my problems here, to have stability life, stability relations and go ahead with my family. But right now I am struggling with everything myself here.. I just want to close my eyes and see dreams about bright future with my beloved husband, with our sweet children! Sometimes it seems to me it is impossible because when I open my eyes I back to my problems again..

Honey, please have a good day there and never forget that I think of you and missing you very much!

Kisses and hugs.. Love ya.. your Julia.


Good morning honey!

How are you doing there? Thank you for your letters! I am always happy to have letters from you :)))) As for me, I am doing good.. just waiting when all is over..

About parcel, oh dear.. it's normal if your parcel is open or was before. On custom it is opened because they must do it. But this time I have got it when you wrote about delivering because they were mistaken with address. And now I will come there on the 3rd of August, like you said and show this transfer number. And I will open this parcel in front of them. I hope everything will be alright with it. But you won't be online.. and you are going to the beach. Please make more pics of your rest :)) I wish I could be there with you.. I will miss you so much!!! My best regards to all your family and have fun together!!! :))))

Darling, thank you for helping me with Marik's birthday! I do appreciate it! And yesterday I asked Marik about presents on his birthday. So, I have to give him a cell phone as a present and from fairy it must be Ninja Turtles :)))) You know he loves it!!! :)))))))))) So, I think 500$ will be enough for it. I am not going to invite adults because it's party for kids and like I said before only children will be invited on Marik's party.

And I hope I will get some letters from you before you trip! I can't wait to see you again!

Ok honey, I am going to back to work and I just wish you have a good day there!

Kisses and hugs, your Julia. Love ya


Welcome back, my dear!!!

I hoep you have had a wonderful time there with your family! I can't wait to get some news and new pics from your trip! How has it been doing? How is your family? How is your mom? I hope everything was fine!

Darling, as for me, I have been missing you.. it is hard not get any letters from you. And I have to tell you that I have gotten your parcel today! Thank you very much for it! It is so cute! Is it Gold or silver metal?

So, as for us, we are good, going home soon. Today is short because of Friday and I am tired a little. I want to rest and go for a walk with my son. I miss him every day when I am at work.

and soon it will be Marik's birthday. It's unforgettable party for any child. I do want to make it bright and color! He will be 7 years old, it's lucky number! He was born at 16:50 pm. And I have already made plan on his birthday. I made a calling to one company which organizes parties for children with clowns, with interesting program. They will come at 16 pm. I am so excited about it and I do want it! I know how it will be interesting for him! It costs 1,000 grivnas plus pay for their gas to come to our house. And money which you sent before 200$ I bought a cell phone. It's really a good thing when we are in distance. I wish you could be here with us. Darling, only on you I can support because I really want to make Marik happy. Birthday is celebrated one time a year, honey please understand me right! I hope only on you!!! I will take a lot pics, it will be great party!!! I am sure he will be very happy to get such present from you!

I am looking forward to hear you soon!

Kisses and hugs, your Julia.

Love ya.


Good morning dear,

Thank you for your calling last night! I am glad that you understood me and I hope we will never back to this subject again!!! And in letters I wrote you everything. I think you didn't want to accept this truth, but I am open woman. What I think about what I have on my tongue. I want all must be clear in relations!

So, today I am at work and today it's going short day because coming national Ukrainian holiday. It's Independence Day which we celebrate every year, August 24. I know you celebrate it, July 4. I really don't know what I am going to do this holiday. Usually people go out and enjoy time on the open air. I am not sure about us because Marik is sick a little. I need to care of him very much so that he will feel wonderful on September 1. You know soon his studying year will start. I think I will need to go shopping to prepare for this new year. Recently, I went to the hospital and made some tests. So, a doctor wrote the prescription. I hope he will feel better until September. I didn't work all time and now I am at home. I will need about 500 $ for treatment and shopping for Marik.

I know you also want to know about his birthday, how it was gone. So, this party was great and children were so happy to take part in it with clowns :))))) There were two women, you can see on these pics, one of them was a clown other one was a pirate. First children were so quiet, they couldn't understand what is going on :)))) But then everything was fine. I think they were concerned a little to see clowns because we usually invite people ( children, friends), have a party dinner, some games and that's all. After a little introduction, a main pirate divided children into two groups, they took part in some competitions, and when they changed clothes and became pirates, they started searching a treasure. Oh God, my apartment was upside down :))) After it I couldn't find anything :)))) So, after every event any child got a present as a candy and of course Marik got a main present, his treasure :))) But I didn't see which a present he has got because time to time I had to finish with cooking. I didn't have time for cooking before. But I think it was really good!!!

I wanted some special, unforgettable I think it was really good He got many presents from his friends who were invited and of course the special present was from me. Yesterday I was so tired but this feeling was pleasant because Marik liked it very much Special his cake with Ninja Turtles :))) Even adults took part in it. It was so funny! I wish you could be here!

I didn't go to the work because I went to bed very late, I have been cleaning, washing.. and I was so excited after it that I couldn't fall asleep till 4 am. And I am sending pics of this party.

I am also happy to get your pics of your family vacation. It's a pity we missed these great events because of this misunderstanding. I was glad that you have had fun with your family. I hope we will meet soon! I really don't want to be upset and sad!

I am looking forward to hear you soon!

Kisses and hugs, your Julia.



Are you sure that you didn't give them my name? Oh Johnny, it seems to me we are talking in different language! Yes, I loved my husband but he supported me before engagement, before marriage!!!!!!!! When we dated he had already shown his intentions to me!!!! Not before marriage and after that we had love!

Ok, i will stop any discussions about it. Now you give me the bill, the amount which you spent for me. Let's divide this 4,000$ on 5 months ( we are together 5 motnhs) is 800 USD. It means you sent me 800 USD a month. How do you think is it enough to life 800 USD a month in the USA????

ok, now I am stopping accepting all your supporting ( money, gifts and etc) I refuse from everything. And I am waiting for our next meeting in Greece. Remember I sent you the link of that hotel. I want to go there and spend 10 days. We will meet each other there, talk more.

About this trip to Greece, I am waiting for flights, reservation of a hotel which you send me here. When did you want to see me? In September? Ok, it's fine! Waiting for dates and more info about it!


NEW Letter:

Ok, let's go everywhere.. and I will stay ONLY 4 or 5 stars hotels, order two rooms in the hotel ( a single for you and double for me and Marik).

Send me all info what you find out