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Lena, Barbi Lenochka
Lena, Barbi Lenochka

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Comment #690
Hello!!! What's your mood? I hope that you are in excellent! Thank you gave me your e-mail address and
Now I am writing this response. I wrote to you that I am interested in your profile and I would like to get acquainted with you
more! I never wrote the e-mails. And I am very interested to do it and get acquainted with you!
I started to use the Internet recently. And the introduction to the Internet for me, an unusual phenomenon.
Perhaps we will be friends with you, perhaps our contact will grow in a magical feeling!
Now about me. My name is Lena to me 26 years. I live in Russia in the small town of Kazan.
Today we went light fluffy snow! It was very beautiful to look at the white trees and ate! As the weather in your town?
Yes, we live very far from each other, but I very much hope that it will not be a barrier to our exposure.
I will be very interesting to learn about your country and the people you live! Of course we will never to you do not
met or seen each other. But I think that the letters can tell a lot about themselves and show their
emotions! Course in the first letters we all know each other. This should create interest in our communication!
you can tell about you and also ask me questions! I am happy for you to answer them! As
promised to send my photos! And waiting for your! I hope that our acquaintance with you continue! I look
will wait for your letter. If you do not want to have contact with me, then I ask you honestly write to me. I
I want to wish you a wonderful mood and a good day!

Comment #691
Hello John!! Thank you for your answer! I thought that I do not see your letter. And a little worried because
this! But today I see your letter and very glad to this! I am very pleased that my first letter to cause
your interest! I waited your letter and wondered whether you write to me or not. But now I see your letter and
I am very pleased that we are beginning to know one another! You're probably very surprised why the girl from Russia so
well wrote on. I studied English at school then at university. on special
courses to improve this language. I hope you all understand what I am writing to you! I am very interested
learn about your country. I have never been in your country! and I would be very interesting to learn about the culture,
traditions and people of your country! As you already know I live in Russia in the small town of Kazan. In our town
a lot of old churches! There are many different legends and stories. I love my city and in the winter and summer. In
Every season he originally beautiful! in summer it is green, as in a lot of trees. In winter, all in
snow! In our town there is a river called the Volga! I love nature. In the summer of love to swim in the river,
tan! evening I love to watch the distance, at sunset! I love to look at the starry night sky and think about
something pleasant! Winter I love skiing and skating. Do you like skiing, you know how to skate? I
listen to different music. It depends on my mood! Sometimes I want to be cheerful and I can listen
gay dance music. sometimes especially in the evening I like to listen to classical music! What kind of music
love to listen to you? Do you have a favorite band? I also love to watch comedies and romantic films! you
not imagine what my mood is great! Because I am writing a letter very interesting man!
and I hope that you will be interested to read my letter! My birthday on Nov. 19, 1983. I live in private
one-story house, which take the credit, along with my mom. Dad died 8 years ago. He died
cancer. I do not want to write about it in detail. But my parents are well educated. They have done everything that I
received higher education. They gave me love and care. We have had many difficulties, especially when not
became pope. mother was in despair. But I helped him to cope with this difficult situation and we have to go on living, I
now bestowed his care. Rightly said, when children are young, then they are taken care parents, when children are
grow, they take care of their parents when they grow old! And now my mother is retired, and I work in
central department in the department of women's clothing and cosmetics. I have been working there for about 3 years. I really like
my job. I am the girl herself and I like to help women choose their clothes, which emphasizes their
dignity! I like when women are satisfied with your purchase and come to us again and again! I have something
all about me and about me!
You like like me nature, and animals love me? I hope that you were interested to read my letter and our contact
will continue! I also send you more my photos, I would hope that they will like you! And also ask
you send me more your photos! It would be great if I again tomorrow to see your letter! I wish
you great mood and good day!