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> Is this day good for you??? This day is very good for me!!!
> It is a wonderful day for sure!!! Why? I don't know why.
> Maybe because of your letter??? Do you think it is possible
> to be as happy as a little kid just because of I have got
> your letter today??? If you feel the same way receiving my
> letter, I will be sure that I'm not the only one who is so
> excited. that's a pity but I don't know your real name.
> What's your name? You wrote nothing about yourself. Please,
> write me about your family, likes and dislikes, your
> country. everything will be interesting for me! Please tell
> me what you feel, what you expect and what you want from our
> correspondence. This year winter and spring in the city
> Rodakovo where I live have been so depressing for me. I was
> as lonely as I have never been before. In spite of I have
> been alone for three years, I mean it has been three years
> since I'm divorced (I was pregnant with my daughter when
> "he" left me), this year it has been a pick of my
> loneliness. I'm definitely in need, I'm in need of a good
> man, who will protect me and my lovely daughter. Yes, yes,
> my words are correct, I have a daughter. My daughter is Eva,
> she is only 2.5 years, her birthday is on the 18th of
> November 2005. I'm myself 30, my birthday is on the 28th of
> September 1978. Can you imagine my life??? Probably you
> can't cause of you have never been a single mother with a
> daughter living in Ukraine. I don't want to say that I don't
> like my life. I just want to make it better. I want to full
> fill my heart with love and devotion, I want to present my
> love for my man every day, I want to make love every night,
> I want to wake up in the morning and to see the face of my
> beloved, I want to kiss my husband every morning when I see
> him to the door, I want to raise my daughter in a real
> family. I want to have the future and I want to give the
> future for my daughter. This spring I have decided to change
> my life completely. Now I'm powerful, I'm energetic, I'm
> purposeful. The first step I have made was I found the
> translation firm that agreed to translate my correspondence
> with you (I simply don't know English at all), also I took
> some pictures which I would send you with every letter, I
> asked the translation firm to put my profile in Internet.
> Now I'm going to make the second step. I want to establish
> the connection between us. Please write me soon and don't
> forget that I wait for you to tell me about yourself. Let's
> make this autumn brighter for us both together. Let's do
> it... Enjoy my photo...
> I'm sending you one home photo. I mean I would like to show
> you how I look when I'm at home. Every woman tries to look
> glamorous and stylish but I know that every man prefers to
> know how his woman looks in her casual out at home fit first
> of all. Am I right? And I hope you will like me in pink. :-)
> Svetlana.