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Hello !!! Thank you for your letter!! I'm glad you answered me!!
I will be frank and admit that I was a little skeptical about the idea
of looking for a relationship over the Internet! In fact, it was my
friend Tatyana who advised me to contact a dating agency!! She took me
by the hand and brought me to a dating agency!!)) There I was given
your e-mail and helped to send the first letter! I sent the email more
so that Tatyana would stop "pestering" me! No, I don't want to say
that I'm not looking for a serious relationship! I'm really looking
for a serious relationship, but I've never tried it this way! This is
all new to me, and I don't even understand what I should write to
you?? I'm sorry if I go from topic to topic! And then go back to the
old topic again! I'm not a writer! I graduated from the medical
University with a degree in virology! Yes, I am right now, along with
millions of other doctors on this planet, trying to fight COVID! I do
not work directly with patients! I'm just helping to run tests in the
lab in order to determine if a patient is sick with COVID or not! But
you don't have to be afraid of me!! I'm not contagious!!)) I have
already received the COVID vaccine, and now I am no longer afraid of
the new virus! How is vaccination going in your country?? Sorry for
the question! I would not like to start our conversation with a
discussion of the Pandemic! I'd rather tell you about myself! So, my
name is Yuliya! I'm 28 years old! I live in the city of Voronezh! I'm
a medic! I've never been married, and I don't have any children! I
also don't have Parents.... At the age of 4, my mom left me on the
doorstep of an Orphanage! I never saw her again! After many years, my
aunt found me and told me that my mother had to leave me in an
orphanage because my father was an alcoholic! He was taking all sorts
of things out of the house! He even took away plates, spoons, pans! I
was constantly hungry, and I had nothing to wear! I'll go into a
little more detail about all of this in my next email. I don't want to
bore you with long stories about my past now! BUT I want you to know
that I will always be ready to answer your QUESTIONS! I think it's
more appropriate to tell you why I'm still single and why I'm looking
for a relationship online! The fact is that I had a long-term
relationship with a man who said he loved and appreciated me! At
first, everything went well in our relationship! He even promised to
marry me, and I believed his words! But gradually I began to notice
that he started drinking more and more alcohol! At first it was beer
with friends 1 time a week! Then 2 times. Then vodka 2 times a week.
In general, everything came to the fact that he came home drunk every
night. When I talked to him about how he should reconsider his
attitude to alcohol, he was angry with me! In the end, 2 years ago, he
came home too drunk, and when I reprimanded him, he hit me several
times! I ended up in the hospital with a concussion! I wrote him a
statement to the Police, but the Court gave him only a fine of 2000
rubles! Of course, we broke up after that! Yes, of course, no all men
in Russia are alcoholics, and no all men beat their women. I really
tried to build other relationships after breaking up with my Ex man,
but other relationships ended before they even started! I saw that
these men are no different from my Ex man! Why step on the same rake,
right?? As a result, as I wrote to you above, Tatyana brought me to a
dating agency, and here I am writing to you! I will be glad if you
write me an answer to this letter of mine! I do not know if my letter
turned out too sad! I just wanted to tell you a little bit about me
and why I'm here! I promise to tell you more about myself in my next
letter if you write to me! And I'll try to be more fun! In fact, in
life I do not like to be sad! I love to smile!)) I will hope and wait
for your answer! Please don't forget to tell me about you and send me
your photos! Yuliya
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