Scammer Danilova Tatiyana [tati]

Tatiyana [tati]
Luhansk Ukraine

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I have about 20 letters, and they are almost all the same, however she always answered to my questions.
In case neede, I will send them all.

> My darling Han,
> I am a bit puzzled with your letter:( I can feel that you still have
> some doubts about me...but I hope that you understand me!My darling, I
> don't know what lady you have found in the lists, but it is not me. I
> would like to explain you, that you are my love and I don't need
> anyone else! I have never corresponded with any Kris...i have found my
> soul mate,you, my Han, so what for do I need it??!I think that it is a
> misunderstanding, there must be a girl from Lugansk, who is my
> namesake, an that's all. In Ukraine my name is rather popular, as
> Tatiana is a name of one of the martyrs, and besides she is a
> protectress of all the students! So there are many girls, who have the
> same name like me. As for the surname, it is not a rare one, it is a
> usual Ukrainian surname, so it is just a coincidence that 2( or may be
> more than 500, who knows???) Tatiana Danilova live in Lugansk. And
> does she really look like me? But my love, I want you to know that it
> is not me and I really hope that you understand that it is just a
> misunderstanding!
> As for Fred, I am sorry to hear that he is not better yet and I really
> hope that he will function well. I know that it is very difficult
> time for Kirsten, and I understand how hard for her it may be if Fred
> don't recognize them as they both love him!!!I am really pity for Fred
> but I think his family should hope for better. Please, tell them not
> to give up!
> I will be waiting impatiently for your reply and I hope that you can
> understand me, as I don't want to lose you because of some
> misunderstanding!
> With love,
> yours forever Tati

Letter 2

> My love Han&Junior,
> I am so happy that we can talk on the phone, that we send each
> other letters every really helps me very much, it makes me
> so happy and every day I feel as if I am up in the clouds, my
> darling!!!
> Your voice makes me so happy, when I talk to you it makes me so close
> to you, I feel that I am near you, even for a couple of minutes,
> but I close my eyes and imagine you by my side talking to me!!!it
> is really a wonderful feeling and it makes me so happy!!!
> I am so lucky that I have you in my life...Now we are far away from
> each other but it is not an obstacle for OUR LOVE! I know that we
> need just to wait a bit and we'll be together, as we both love each
> other and we can't imagine our life without each other!!!You are my
> love, you are my angel!!
> My darling, I like your dream very much...I also dream about the day
> when we'll be together looking at the stars...holding our hands,
> kissing..You are such a romantic man and I would like so much to have
> romantic dinners with take a bottle of switch on
> light music..put small candles everywhere...I would like to dance something
> special for you only , a slow dance and you could see me undressing
> slowly...I would take off one dress after another, making you crazy
> with every my movement!!!I will wait till you become completely wild
> and tear the rest of the closes off me! I want so much to make you
> please you, to please my darling Han and Tatica will make
> her beloved Junior very happy, she will be very glad to invite him
> to her, she will be very gentle and passionate with him!
> I am really happy that you are so close to Fred and his family, you
> take care of him so much, he must be really a very good person. And it
> is so sweet that you will go with Shanna to her hockey match. I was
> amazed by everything you told me about your hockey-history, I see that
> you really liked it, and it is a pity that now you can't work with it
> any more. And I am sure that you can give Shanna lots of good pieces
> of advice!!
> I love you my treasure,
> and I am sending you 9999999999999999999999999999999 kisses, hope you
> can feel all them!!
> With love,
> your forever Tati