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I was contacted by Natalya in late August and she has written almost daily for two months. This is the first time she has asked for money to acquire a visa to come to the US so we could be married. At times her letters are vague which I attributed to the language translation. I searched her name on Google and found numerous reports for her name. Though, they were listed from different citties in Russia and with different email addresses. She is very sly in her approach and does not mind taking the time to reach her objective. Natalya, is a scam artist and very good at what she does. BEWARE!

"[email protected]" View contact details To: .....
Hello my dear love and my loving husband Garry!
I am very happy to see your letter and it is very pleasant to me to
read your gentle words! Now I understand that at you mark holiday
Halloween well, I hope that you have spent this day well? My love
Garry I much miss you very and I would like to be with you very much
as soon as possible! My darling Garry I learnt that there is a visa
for 6 months and cost of all documents to make these documents to me
it will be necessary to pay 843 dollars. It will be much more than
cost of all documents for the visa for three months ($650). My love
and my lovely husband Garry but is available for me only one problem,
I cannot find now 843 dollars even to start to do documents. I feel
helpless and it is very inconvenient me that I not in a condition to
make something. My love Garry I very much will be grateful to you if
you can help me. Whether my love Garry inform me please on that you
can help with the sum of 800 dollars to make documents and the visa?
Whether you can send me this sum by Western Union? My love Garry I
cannot call you within the next few days, because at us holidays. And
from November, 3rd till November, 5th the majority of establishments
and institutions does not work, but I think that the Internet cafe
will work. My love Garry I very much love you and I hope that we soon
will together! Whether my love Garry I will try to learn I can to call
by phone these days, but I will precisely call you on November, 6th on
Thursday. My love Garry I hope that you will not take offence at me
because of that that I cannot call you. Because all it happens not
through my fault. My love and my lovely husband Garry I love you and I
need you in my life forever! My love Garry I want to be with you
forever!!! I want to be happy with you! And I want that you will
happy! I very much love you Garry!!! I love you very and very much
Garry!!! I send you my most sweet and gentle kisses!!!
With impatience I wait for your answer,
With love for ever yours and only your true wife Natalya Seiders!