Scammer Sheigi Nocete CH

011 63 927 685 4252
Dumegette city
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Sheigi will talk to you very sexual right away. In less than a week she will tell you that she is scared to talk to you because she is falling in love with you. She will tell that ahe doesn’t have a phone of her own and that she uses her moms phone. She will tell you that hers broke when she tried to film her self in the shower. But she will never be able to video chat with you because her mom’s phone can’t do that . When you send her money for the phone something always goes wrong . And the money starts out small . Then it will happen that she will need an operation or she will bleed to death . Then somehow her ex husband will find out that the two of you are talking. And mind you that this is the guy that beat her every day while they were married and then one day he left and moved back to Texas but I later found out that he lived in Arizona. That is when he will try and take custody of there daughter and bring her to Texas. And when this is going on one day she will go to the court and she will get taken i to custody because her separation with her ex was not handled right . And she would spend a few days in jail. And of course all of her family that lives there will not help them . And while she is locked up there will be a way for her to travel to the United States with the rotary club and there will not be a problem with the visa because she is traveling with a group. That is until she gets to the airport in Manila and then they will not let her board the plane because of her arrest records. Now this sounds like a short time period but at this point it was over a year. During this time period you will meet her mother and she will call you son . Then when you can not take it any longer and break up with her , mom will text you and ask you what you said to Sheigi because she tried to kill her self for the 12th time and you will not hear from you again. Until one day when she posts something on the wrong Twitter account and she actually answers your DM . And you ask her questions about why she did what she did and she will say , “ what was I supposed to do, kill my self “ . I hope I save one person from her