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Comment #678
Hello John!

I am Elena from Ukraine.

It is not easy to find in Internet, but nothing in life is not easy.
Also many people have found their love in Internet.
I want to tell you that i am serious in my search.

I want to find my real man for the rest of my life, I hope it will last the rest of life.
I was dating with some guys here in Ukraine, but have never felt it was right for me...
So now i try to find it outside Ukraine :-) May be I'm lucky..Who knows

I want my man to be my king, to whom I will give all my love and
affection. I am sure if we find each other there will be lots of happy
moments. I am a real person. We have to write and get to know each
others. Then we have to meet and look if we are up to it.
Please write me to my e-mail:
and we will start our cognition of each other

I will wait impatiently
P.S. Life is Love.
If you miss love, you miss life.
Comment #679
Hello, John!

Thank you for the letter.

I want to see what is in your heart as I find this the most beautiful
part of a person...

About me, well as probably you have read my profile, I can say for all
honesty that this is me in real life. I am always a very positive
person who has so much true love to give. I say "true love", because
most women say it for convenience to get what they can from a man, but
they never understand the true meaning or showing it in a manner,
befitting to a man. I am genuine and I respect and appreciate a man
for who he is. I am very romantic, very kind and tender and will
always listen and try to understand my man and his needs. I also
believe in individuality and independence and will always support him
in his life and his pursuits and being at his side when he needs me

I was born on February 2th 1979. I am Aquarius by horoscope, but I
don't really believe in that. I am not married and have never been, I
don't have any children, but in future we could have some:) I am from
Eupatoria, it is Crimean Republic, Ukraine, specifically South Of
Ukraine. It is rather small city, but here you can find lots of

I am here to find my friend, my passionate lover and my soul mate. I
will be here for him for the good and bad times and I am not a
quitter. I am looking for my life time partner and I want to devote
myself to his happiness, because if he is happy then I know I will

It is just a little about my views, thoughts and feelings. I hope that
some of this information is getting you interested to communicate and
start a wonderful journey towards a beautiful relationship.

Please, take care and have a beautiful day.
With warmth
Comment #680
Hello, darling!

All of us had bad experience in our lives with our beloved and so on.
But I hope that we learnt our mistakes and would never repeat them in
our future.

I need to tell you that I don't need you to get stars of the sky, but
I want you to give me your heart and your love, to protect and
preserve me from bad things in this world and to stand at my side if I
need that.

If I am happy, my man will be even happier, and if he gives me his
love, he will have my love and yet much more of me. I can promise
that, because the love of a man is something entirely special and
unique, that must be protected and maintained, it is like a special
flower and we need to save it from the surrounding.

I am working as a trainer, I like sports very much, I have a group of
other girls they come to the gym and I do some exercises with them.
That is why my figure is always slim. I try to keep my body in a
healthy form, I try to eat healthy food.

My salary is not very big, I get about 100 dollars. Minimum monthly
salary in 2009 is 669 UAH ($84) per month. Background information:
Ukrainian currency is called Hryvna (though sometimes it is spelled
like "Hryvnia"). While writing this letter, a current rate of exchange
between US dollar and Hryvna is: $1 to 7.9, which means that for $100
you will get 790 UAH. Probably, you would wish me good luck to survive
on that little money! Retired people are pretty much struggling to
survive, because the money they get from the government, is a bit less
than Ukrainian minimum monthly salary. Of course we have lots of
people who has much bigger salaries and they never pay attention to
price tags. Well, I do take a notice of how much things costs. One
needs about 35 UAH ($4.5) to buy food for one day. For that kind of
money he or she would be able to buy one raw/uncooked chicken, one
kilo of potatoes, one kilo of tomatoes and something to drink. Now you
multiply that by 30 days and you will have 1050 UAH per month, which
is around $133. This does not include public transportation cost,
utility bills and cost of clothing.

So you see, I have rather hard life here. I am sorry to tell you all
this, but I just want you to know, that if you take me to you, you
would make me happy and would show me the life I have never seen
before, you would be like a real KING for me. I hope you understand
what I mean.

So please, write me questions or something that is disturbing you
right now, I would love to hear that.

Comment #681
My dearest John, hello, my honey.

Thank you for your letter. I liked your comparison  of a friend with a

I am a real woman who takes pride of an appearance but can be relaxed
and down to earth when she is at home. I can wear an evening dress
when going out for dinner or just a ragged pair of jeans or shorts
when I am at home.

I won't ask you any questions as I prefer to be together for finding
these things out and learning about each other. I am not the perfect
woman but I will always give myself to my man and devote my life to
his happiness.

I am not selfish when it comes to making love and always put my
partner's pleasure first. A selfish woman in bed is even worse in
general life and proves that her importance are far above a man. And
this is not me. I am very romantic and always love holding hands when
walking or going out. I love cuddles and showing my love at home or in
public, because I want people to see that I am proud to be with my

I love Sunday mornings in bed and I'd like to share them with you!

Of course I understand that you will have your work and I understand
this too and I know that you will provide a life for us. I will
support you!

I enjoy theatre and the modern arts, music and dining out.

But most of all I love that I can come to you from behind at any
moment, put my arms around you and kiss your neck, your shoulder and
your lips and tell you words of love and know you feel the same way.
Darling, this is what I am looking for.

I wish you a wonderful weekend and thank you once again for your beautiful

Warmth and kisses