Scammer Elena Danilova Elena

03 August 1989
moty, irkutsk
Lugovaya street 21, Moty, Irkutsk Oblast, 666025, Russia

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Comment #164017
This one in comparison to other scammers is quite aggressive by constantly sending nude pictures, don't think admin will allow adding those so kept them to myself :)
Comment #164048
I haven't seen this scammer for a couple of months now. They are obviously short of money again. As Jive said a very prolific scammer. These are some of the email addresses used with these photos and other. they are known on all the scam warning sites.
Comment #164091
hey guys, who sent money with westerunion to these women or whatever cheaters are these women, you can denounce them, because in the first place when someone receives money with westerunon they are asked for a passport to get the money, so i had a story dergov apara me weser winion and bought something from the internet, but she was a woman who had advertised some dtector products, and anyone who bought a product from that site did not send them, because the cost of the products did not exceed no more than $ 1000 dollars , which means that the police who pursue a person abroad are required to steal at least $ 3,000 for the Interpol police to deal with these issues, but I had bought a product at a cost of $ 750 and when I went to the police to declare a fraud from the internet, they told me that the police can not deal with this small amount, but I told the police if they do not deal with this issue, I will do the same I will deceive people on the internet and will not do any other work r, they were looking at me strangely, I told them that I want to denounce because we can catch the cheater easily because every person who receives money in westerunion, is asked for a passport or ID card, so he leaves traces with his passport, so as a conclusion I made the denunciation and I had a fellow policeman who took my case and after 2 months the interpol police found him, and caught him, and she was a woman, but she did not believe me that women were dealing with internet scams, and so he they were released because the trial had to take place but the trial took place here in my country because I made the denunciation and I appeared in court, and I sentenced her to 12 months in prison, and all the property she had in her name was confiscated,
so guys if you someone cheats or you send money with westerwinion or many grams, you can easily catch that person because the local state police can find him it is easy that every person who receives money is asked for a passport, so know this
Comment #164517
I’ve been chatting with this so called damsel in distress wanting to get out of Russia. Someone tell me what happens if you call her. Is there no answer or is there a person on the other line
Comment #168178
hey Ben
this one has reappeared stating that the she is stuck at the airport and similar to your case provided with the phone number to call, I would personally stay away from calling someone on the physical phone number as there are many different to access your phone via this activity so be careful