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Hi,my dear Belkacem!!!It was so nice to hear from you again. It was so delightful to read about you . I am so happy to think that somewhere in the world there is a person who is thinking about me too.But at the same time it is a little bit strange because you are so far away from me!But I really believe we can work it out!!! Let's look positively in our future!What do you say about it?!!
I must tell you that I was waiting so much for your reply. It was the reason why I felt so elated all day long!!! Hope you feel the same! Thank you for telling about yourself !!!! it was amazing and splendid to find out more about you!I feel like i want to know every tiny detail about you, it can give me an impression that you are close to me!And maybe it will help me to forget that you are so unbelievably far away:)
I think we are looking for the same things in our lives,Belkacem: I mean in the relations between men and women. I am sure that it is very complicated to find a true soul mate in our cruel world, but if one makes a go of it, he should stand firm on it! It is really interesting for me to know more about your personality. As for me, I am very easy-going and have a lot of friends. But sometimes I feel really alone among them. We are very close and they support me in everything, but I really want to see a man near me, a man of my heart and my soul. You know, I really like music and when I hear some of my favorite songs I always imagine something special. So when I hear a romantic song I always imagine: me, sitting near the ocean, with my loving heart, listening to water and watching sunset, wishing on a star… I really want to find my true love! It is not only words, I am totally sure what true love means. My parents are married for almost thirty years and they are still so tender to each other. I am so happy for them. Their hearts are still young. I think their love is growing every day. They are a very romantic match. After thirty years of their marriage my father still gives flowers to my mother, she calls him darling every time and they even go on their romantic dates. I wish i could do the same! I always wanted to find a person who will share my ideas of true love. What do you think about that? I really want to hear your ideas about love and relations. My warmest wishes to you!Vika

Hello, darling!!!! I was so looking forward your letter.I could not sleep. What have you done to me? I feel like I am under your spell:) Are you a wizard?:) I feel so totally happy!!! Crazy happy I'd rather say:) And it makes me even happier to know that you really want to meet me in real and that it is not just only words....It is so important Of course, I want to visit Norway very much, I am very interested to see it with my own eyes.I want to build my own impression of it!!!! Oh, i am just so looking forward our meeting!!!!
I will find out everything about all possibilities how to get a visa and then I will write to you,Belkacem. I know exactly that at first I need to make an international passport. I did not make it before because I have never thought that I will have an opportunity to travel. And now my dream came true: I have a soul mate and I travel to see his "world". Oh, God I am so happy!!! I am the happiest girl in the world!! Before our meeting i have a suggestion for you:look at my photos my photos, to feel my presence and imagine our moments of togetherness!!!!! Hope you will like this idea! Really looking forward to hear your attitude. Wanting to see you like a crazy:)!!!With love,Vika