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Hello again :)

I was waiting for your reply. :) Now I'm really happy to read it. You
are looking like definitely my kind of person and you seem like
someone I should get to know more.

What to say about me... I live in Alchevsk, city not so small and not
very big but which appeared under the Russian aggression unfortunately
several years ago.:( I'm 34, my birthday is on the 15th of October.
168 cm tall, blonde, blue eyes, though you could already saw it by
photos I sent you :) I don't have children and have never been

My English is rather ok, I can easily speak on the common topics but
not only about physics and politics.;)

I was going to be a professional dancer, when I was a teenager... I am
currently working as seller in a candy shop. Actually about 2 years
ago I had totally another job (it was before the war has begun here).
I was a fashion designer. It was really interesting job according to
my education. When the company went bankrupt because it was impossible
to continue working in the war area I had to change lot of jobs. I was
making the hairstyles for brides, tried myself as a photo model. But
each of such jobs ended rather soon. :( So now I'm just a seller in
the candy shop but it's also rather good job. Not stressful at all and
I like smiling faces of children who walk in.:) What king of candy is
your favourite by the way? Sometimes I think that I'm also like a
candy as I have not only a lovely cover outside but also something
tasty inside. Some men want to look only at my lovely cover and don't
want to discover what's inside. Would you like to open it and make

I'm really glad you like to laugh a lot. I'm also very optimistit
person and like to laugh often.:)

I would like to become that girl you are looking for. I know that I
will give my man all my attention, love and care. I will be wonderful
hostess for his house, passionate lover in bed and also carrying
mother of his children if he wants me to do this.:) In return I would
like my man to be carrying and loving, respect me and take care about
everything together with me.

Also it's good that there is a computer here and I can use it for
writing you. I also like to smile a lot, I think you have noticed it
already due to my pictures.:) As people say- smile is the best make up
for any woman. Will you agree with me?

I do like pets, but I do not have one now. Good that my friends have
many pets and I visit them rather often and take to go for a walk.:) I
would like to have one big dog one day. Do you like animals?

Well I have written some first things about me, and I hope to hear
more from you. I will be open and honest with you always, so I expect
the same. And I am of course very serious, and not wanting any games,
just like you.

Take care and looking forward to your message .

Greetings! Julia
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This scammer has appeared on this site back in July this year at the time they were using this email address.
[email protected]
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Yuliya Leu, LIlia, Hanna, Correo electrónico [email protected]
[email protected] [email protected]
Este estafador está usando una foto de la modelo Katja Zwara.
ella me escribió: -----------
well done fucking idiot! you added all my pictures and all my mails to
you on the dating site! As well as you did it with many other girls
from Ukraine!

Now I will add all your letters and your pictures to this scam site as
well so all girls will know that you want to see only naked pictures
of them to masturbate laying on your dirty and stinky bed!

Go fuck yourself as you will never fuck any other girl in your life
ever as you are selfish mother fucker who will die in loneliness!!!

I wipe my ass with your 50$ you sent by the way!

> Lilia Kasianenko, o Yuliya Leu or whatever:
> from Alchevsk.
> why such lyes. my intention was always to get a real connection. not a scam.
-------------> El mié, 3 nov 2021 a las 6:27, escribió:
> Hello my sweet Fernando!

> Honey it is the 3rd of November and I came to this Internet cafe again
> as I promised you.;(((

> My love but why haven't you managed to send me any your help till this
> moment? Don't you love me at all honey???(( I ask you to help me over
> and over again and you stay deaf to my problems honey.;(( You didn't
> even congratulate me with my Birthday and told me that you have plenty
> of your own expenses.;(((

> My dear but how will I stay in touch with you now??? You know that my
> life here is totally hard and difficult and I don't have any money
> already even to pay for this Internet cafe.;(( I am sure you are not
> in such critical situation but you still not able to help me even
> after so many days of my asking.;((( Why honey Fernando???((( Don't
> you love me at all???(((

> I wait for your answer! JUlia