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Kazan Russia

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Dan, My Darling man Dan!!! As the letter keep comiing in the closer
and closer I am feeling and falling in love with you. Dan, thanks for
the help. I shall follow tomorrow the ticket and I shall write to you.
I love you The more and more closer I am feeling and getting about you
my darling man. In one sense it is harder and harder as I want to be
there with you now because i am feeling this FINALLY going to have
that one thing I have been wanting and deserving to have in life and
that is the Love of a Good man and that is YOU. I just wanted to say I
LOVE YOU and hope to hear more about your hopes, dreams. Love to hear
from you soon darling night and sweet dreams and always dream of me
holding, caressing and kissing you each and every day and night. YES I
can't wait to have you in my arms to hold kiss and make love to you
let alone just gaze into your lovely eyes and look at you fully and
just to smell your fragrance and know what true real love is and to be
with with the man of my dreams for the rest of my life now. I can't
wait for that near day to come now so I can have you with me as my
partner lover husband and to start having that wonderful life we so
much deserve now. For now dear I am resigned to my dreams of happiness
with you and my fantasy of making love to you. Talk to you sooon my
darling husband, lover and partner soon to be now. Love Always and
forever now, Yulya

Dan. My love. Forgive me, forgive. I a silly woman. I am
absent-minded. But how I could resist to gangsters? If I knew karate,
I could keep money. I recently have come from transport agency. I have
told all about happened. I now have other ticket:

Airline: SAS Flight: SK8702
Departure: November, 14th 2008, 08:55, the Sheremetyevo Arpt
Arrival: November, 14th 2008, 09:15, Arlanda Arpt
Places: Economy class
Time in a way: 2 hour. 20 minute.

At me today it is better. The head does not hurt almost. The travel
agency gives to me of 2 two security guards that next time me have not
plundered. At me have stolen 884 dollars. I should have this money on
Monday or on Tuesday in the morning. It is a unique barrier before us.
I very much love you. I do not know, that you will answer me. I
understand you. You now very malicious. You probably hate me. I ask
you that you have forgiven me. Yes, it 884 dollars a barrier between
us. It is a unique barrier, which between two loving hearts. I now
shall go to a drugstore again behind a medicine that the head did not
hurt. I love you and very much I wait for our meeting. All my hope for
you. If you cannot help me I cannot arrive to you.

Dan, thanks for a song. What, what to me to do?
Why you ignore my questions?
You will back take away money from the Western Union?
You will send through Money Gram?

I only have come from the house. I have written number the passport my
father a series 4563 number 845023. You write that you wish to arrive
to me to Russia? You now do not want that I arrived to you??? What
shall I tell to parents?? If I shall not have money for travel till
November, 12th I should pay the penalty 2000. It is specified in the
contract with travel agency. What to me to do?? How I shall pay the
penalty??? What to me to tell to parents? Why the western union have
given up to transfer money?

Dan, thanks for the help. Tomorrow with mine the father I shall go and
receive your help. I love very much you.

You read my letters? Probably you do not receive my letters???? I have
written to you the information which you require.

Dan, I yesterday have sent you this letter at 23 o'clock 34 minutes.
You read this letter???????
Probably you could not read because your computer has been broken?

I today went to transport agency and to me have told, that my
documents will be in transport agency until I shall not have all of
money. You understand, that I have concluded the contract with
transport agency and consequently I should have all over again money,
then I shall receive documents. These documents will be in transport
agency with a view of safety, that I shall not leave with documents
and to not have money. Also I should pay soon. Otherwise on conditions
of the contract I should pay the penalty. You understand??? I do not
know what to do. You can send me the help addressed to my father?????
(it is my stepfather. My native father has died for a long time. When
I was small, but he has replaced to me the father)

My father a name: Andrey Pryahin
Kazan city
UL. Glavnaya 71

I very much hope, that you all over again will read through the letter
before you will send money
I love you very much and very much I wait our meeting

Dan, My Love !!!! I crave passion for you, I yearn for true romance.
Knowing love and deeply waiting to be happy,The opportunity to create
an atmosphere of love around a man who can sense and respond to being
supported in life's endeavor, I am a strong woman, I cannot imagine
anything greater than being the author the representative of the
purest form of love for the man of my life I have dreamt it and
imagined it Dan. Dan, yes. I shall arrive to you to Friday. How you
represent our meeting??? I can receive your help in November, 5th.
Because 1, 2, 3, 4, November in Russia days off.. Honey and when we
shall meet for the first time I will be entranced at you and my heart
will be filled with delight and I will hold you in my arms and look
into your eyes and kiss you like you have never been kissed before
just like the first time and it will be a kiss that we will always
remember for the rest of are lives and of course honey I will have
roses for you but you know that already don't you ,We shall begin this
journey of life together as one . With all my love Yulya.