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She makes you feel sorry for as a deserted, betrayed woman. She is said to be a gynecologist and earn good money. She is looking for a man she can trust * lol *

Hi! My name is Zhanna! Nice to meet you. In the correspondence on the russiancupid website, you seemed to me very sincere and real. I'll remind you a little bit about myself. I'm 45 years old! I am divorced and have my daughter Vapya 14 years old. I lift it singly. I try to give her this care and love for both mom and dad. My job is a gynecologist in a clinic. I love photography and I like to write a little)) I love reading, nature and sports! I want to meet someone who is as affectionate and sincere as I am...I want to love, respect and care. I'm not looking for an ideal.. my dream is to live with a person in harmony and love for the rest of our lives.. Tell me about your family values, what you love, and how you see your family .. I love to cook delicious food for my man and get an extra Supplement request)) I think you'll like it. I'm afraid to go online, but if you don't try, how do we come to each other. Since we already have spark, I hope this won't be a problem for you, and I don't know the language. If our communication attraction is not lost,
I will immediately learn the language, do you have enough patience to help me and not laugh at me)? I'm afraid to write too much for the first letter, even if I want to know! I spent too much time too much time alone and too hungry for love and warmth. if you are sincere, if this is not a game for you, I will be glad to receive your letter...

P.S. on photo mother, grandmother, daughter and still on one my photo in youth, decided you show I like black photo)
Hi ! thank you for your letter and for your beautiful photos! I'm very interested in you! and you give us hope that we will succeed! the most important thing for me is to learn the language. Yada wasn't on a Dating site this is terrible...I write with offers to provide sex services...I'm shocked...some emails are even threatening...I don't want to connect to it anymore...this is a bad site... about my life this is a peaceful and beautiful country...but here now it is difficult and there are a lot of protests because of the President dictator but I think everything will change soon..... the main thing for me is what kind of person is doesn't matter what nationality he is... I think we have more to come and If I can personally tell the book...I'll thank you for that...I want us to get to know each other better, I would like to tell my story...
two years ago, I divorced my husband... Our relationship started when we went to school. We went to school together from the 5th grade, and at the end of the 11th grade we started Dating. ) Our relations were good from the very beginning... We were each other's first and had a lot of experiences together.
I used to be a home girl and I never kissed anyone before. We learned so much that we went to one place, bought it, and then got married. I felt like I was behind a stone stele. Of course, there were quarrels and fights, but we never really fought.
We started from scratch, and the road users helped us a lot. They lived in his apartment separately from everyone else.
We were always short of money, but that didn't stop us from being happy. Worked a lot poniko made repairs in kvartire.How much love and effort we put into it, we did a lot with our hands. There were heavy moments in our lives but I knew that everything could be overcome. We have a baby...
It all started posepenno… There were no visible signs of pain, but I felt that something was happening to my ex...He was never the same... I tried to talk to him, ask him what happened... he "closed" from me and argued that everything is fine, do not make it up... and then I found a piepisk on his phone with a" colleague " at work. I've never seen his phone number or email and I've always been flirting and I don't think it's acceptable for a relationship, I've always trusted him, but that morning someone made me take his phone. And there... The world collapsed in front of me resultsas abyss, hands were shaking, everything inside drialo, I not a haze to believe that her husband could write words of love to another. it was a shock. I won't go into details, we did something with him,he said that he didn't want it, but it was so painful, his heart is drawn to her, asked me for forgiveness, said that he didn't know what to do.I gave him a task, told him that if you don't love me anymore, what else? Get dressed.In that mzhent these words were said on emotions and without osznaniya, I proto could not believe what had happened, and he agreed and sgazal, that sees no other way out. I realized that this is the line and I left. We were separated quickly,and for so many years I was alone... for a long time I tried to get out of the ocean of bitterness and resentment that flooded me. Tried to be strong and, as you could, krbcache to light. Voobsche in life I dostana positive person and try to believe the best, it's visible to me and pongalo most. I thought at first that I should have done what I knew, but I couldn't live and see his sad eyes and know what he was thinking about someone else. During the time of my growing up, I've been to a lot of places, I try to be distracted and not sit still, communicate with the ice. I haven't had a relationship with anyone since my divorce. Neither moral nor physical ... it's hard. It's hard to believe again, even harder and more terrifying to be deceived again. Immediately after the divorce, this girl came to him in our apartment with just finished repairs, they got a dog with him, bought a car, went to the sea, gave birth to a child, and this thought covered me, knocked the ground out from under his feet even more - after all, with me he did not want children until he earned money. I was with him when we didn't have enough money for movies and normal food… And when he started making good money, I wasn't needed. And the other one was ready for everything…I try to believe in the best, look with optimism at life, enjoy every day, enjoy everything that I have, and I have a lot and I earn a lot of money, and I have never depended on a man. Especially after the divorce! I pray that I don't lose faith in love, I help people! I'm sorry for my soul cry. I'm sorry for the bad taste. I iskrenne of Savio boasting to his sister found her destiny and happiness... she has many years to live abroad and poznakomilas way with sutom lover on the Internet.... I did not believe that this is an opportunity, but looking at how my sister seichtas lives in England and she already has two children from an Englishman, I decided to try it too.... I feel like there's a connection between us and I want you to know everything about me. So as not to lose our connection, will you tell me about yourself? What happened to your relationship? How do you see the reason for this outcome? If and I go all the way and stay together? if there is no game for you, think about it, I will be very proud and will be very much waiting for an answer.


Hello, dear . I'm sorry I couldn't write. I thought my mother was ill but it turned out that we both took a test I asked for a fee and I confirmed the crown and in one night the temperature rose and I was burning ... these are the terrible days of hell.. everything is fine I recovered today they brought me a laptop and I can write to you. all these days I had tempera and was in the hospital... I don't want to remember it... we have a very bad situation with the crown in the country and people are lying in hospitals in the corridors... it's awful.. I came back to you I thought about you all the time! Thank you for the email and the photo I really like.. Although I'm a little upset about the translation.. I don't understand everything well, I'm sorry if I ask again...... I'll be decorating the tree in a week. I just don't want to spend the new year alone again... thinking about how we can meet you. maybe Turkey or Egypt I know there is no quarantine and is open to tourists. what do you think? or can you come or can I come to you? I think a lot about the future of a relationship with a man and I want not only from him but I also care about him. I want to meet you from work with a delicious dinner and chat at the table about the past day...I want to be your angel...t is very close to me...I think about you all the time... I chsto think and ... I don't even know what is sadder, to experience a disappointment similar to mine or to break up in 20 years. And how to understand that in 20 years you are not suitable.) Or else we ourselves change over time and become different from year to year. What do you think? I opened up in my last email. It was very difficult. I was faced with a choice-to tell everything now or later, when we meet.... I decided that my life should not have any misunderstandings. If something starts to happen to us, we shouldn't lie to each other, it's better to tell each other directly. And that's how I want it to be in my life. Life is too short to private it in the theater, to pretend and to obmanyvat his companion. I also don't like online Dating, and I've never met ronche. If it wasn't for my sister's experience, I would never have decided to do this! I'll send you photos of my favorite nephews! I just love them! They love me very much, we are inseparable when we meet. They live in England. My sister and her husband bring them up on the principle-no restrictions. If they take up painting, the paint will be both clothes and furniture, but they are never scolded. Russian Russian Russians are very talented and smart,they are already playing snowboarding,skating, skiing, and they talk to me in Russian so funny:) they have to do it because I don't know any foreign languages and my sister is the same as I am a Russian Slav and we've been talking in Russian all our lives because she didn't meet her husband on the Internet. I was initially skeptical about it, but now I'm so happy for her and I want the same.. her husband is nervous and met her when she didn't know aboyutno language. they started obtschenie and he believed in their future and found a site where they made translations for them as she learned the language. and now spusta years, she speaks English sovershenstve and live happily ever after in England. maybe I should write to her and tell her that she asked her husband where they were hanging out while she was learning the language. what do you think? I'll send you photos of their happy family.. I'd like to do the same.. On the weekend that I really look forward to, we go with kegs on a slave tour to the neighboring city. I am interested in it because it will be an excursion to a Gothic castle, plunge into the past, and pull into a long-gone nasletdiye. I love history very much, especially if it's not boring textbooks, but interesting trips and movies. Of course, I'm thinking about our meeting. Maybe we'll choose a nice warm place by the sea? If you come to me ... what time of year will it be? what winter do you have? Lots of snow? We will have mnogo snow, we are going to my roditelyam on machine early in the morning. You'll be driving. I'll get you a warm sweater, hold your hand,and smack you with chocolate. We'll have a vacuum cleaner with coffee. The trees will all be covered in snow KK in a fairy tale, and the snow will Shine like diamonds in the sun. And if it is autumn, the trees will be early-flowered, I love autumn. Spring is a time of hopes and lazy dreams, summer is warm, Sunny, you can go to drogk to swim in the river! No matter what time of year it is, we will remember it with a smile and warmth). What music will play in Metaline? And if it's too much, will I come to you? How will it be?