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Odessa Ukraine

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Dear sir
I meet this girl 6 months ago via "Pretty Russian, i think there may be a local agency in here town that post there profile on this larger site.
I sent e mails via the agency and then got here mobile number, we talked via a translator, Tanya, her english was very poor that was the reason to use her.
I telephoned her twice a day and we became very close, during this time i sent some money to her or the translator $200.
Every thing was great so i arranged a holiday for a week in Odessa August 21st to 30th .
Yulia said she wanted to use her own translator so i agreed and rented a suitable apartment for $105 per night.
Before leaving England i sent a further $300 to her for travel and a other things.
When i arrived she was not at the airport as we had agreed before i flew from England, after a great many problems i got to my apartment and managed to contact the translator who then told me Yulia could not get time from her work! her boss had changed her mind.
Great! no girl friend and no knowledge of the Russian language.
Tanya then told me that they would be with me on the Saturday 23rd, we had agreed that she would stay with me and have a holiday, i would sleep in a separate room.
When they turned up she was stunning and we clicked but she then told me that she would not be able to stay as she had to arrange and attend her grandmothers birthday party!!!!!!
I had by then given her a new mobile phone and about $1500 worth ot designer clothes which she loved .
When she and Tanya left that evening i was not at all happy with Yulia but see said she was sorry and that she liked me very very much and she wanted to see me again.
I spent the next 3 days of my holiday on my own, she and Tanya then arrived back on my last day we had a nice time and all was good i gave her some more money and she asked if i would give her money to pay for her last year at college! i gave her some money about $200 and said i may give her the rest when i returned home to England.
When we parted she appeared to be very upset and said that she had very strong feelings for me and wanted me to return and see her again, i was very happy about this as i liked this girl very much.
On my England and all was auk for 2 days then she did not answer her phone, when she did talk at me she said she was busy or tired as she had been out to the night clubs and had been dancing on the stage for fun, she had previously not gone to night clubs because she did not like them!!!!!! very strange.
I spoke with Tanya about this and she thought it was not normal for her as she thought she was a nice girl.
I knew she needed money for college and did not get much from her present job working in a store which sold house hold things that were very expensive, i think its call sia its french or european, there was the same store next door to the apartment i rented in Odessa.
I said to Tanya i was very concerned for Yulia and i thought that she would be offered a job in this club.
And that is what happened!!!!!! and now she is a stripper! i was so upset.
I had a massive argument on the phone and asked her to return all my money and gifts as i felt i had been used, she said yes and would do this, And yes i am still waiting.
I know think she is a scammer and has played me all the way and i now want her taken down.
I have spoken with Tanya at great length and she is very upset for me as she has been taken in by her as well, or do they work together?
I think not?
but i am a little bit stupid !!!!!!!

This girl is the best scammer i have ever meet as i have been taken advantage of before, but that out come was very good.

Thanks and be careful