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Hi !
Thank you for answering. so strange that I found your letter spam.
that's why I don't answer you so fast. your the letter lift my spirit.
I am very happy to see your answer. What's your mood today? First of
all, I want to explain where I have found your E-mail address. I went
to my city of the agency "meeting stranger" and said I want to find
one serious person through the network. I want to break my loneliness
and find a good person who, like me, wants to share everything
pleasure of life. In our country many lonely people use such services.
So they gave me your email. And you said too trying to find a good and
serious girl partner in life. the I hope they did not deceive me since
they received compensation in money from me 100 euros. I think you
would like to know who I am? me would like to tell you. I am from a
country called Russia. My home yes located in the city of Vladivostok.
I was born on December 30th 1985. mine zodiac sign is capricorn. My
height is 168cm, my weight is 52 kg. my hair dark, these are natural
gods color gray-blue hair and eyes. I entered my education in school
simple, finished 11 classes. After finishing school, I went in in the
Pedagogical University, studied for 6 years. Now I work at school. I
am an English and Italian teacher. my city do not use Italian has been
required in the last 8 years. I am happy to live here, unfortunately
there is a problem. Although my country is big enough, no man is
decent for a serious relationship. I am the only one a wonderful
woman's attempt to find a kind man for a true love and relationships,
which they can truly love and value own woman.
I am just a person with heart and soul. I assume my nationality and
cultural differences does not disappoint you and you will reply to my
email. I think that nationality and cultural differences are not the
things anymore a woman's important to you. I understand that you are
worried about the our age differences, and I can't deny it, they can
really do a big difference. But I think no one is stopping us from
communicate and get to know each other. In the modern world, it
doesn't surprise anyone with large age differences in a relationship,
and there are many examples of this of. Now many young men are not
morally ready to have serious relationships and more mature age men
refers women are more respectful and pay more attention to home
comfort. I think this is a higher priority for any woman. To the
today, there are many ways to communicate in order to be distant from
each other from others. We live in an age where you can find all the
information about a person account social media sites. All of them
show beautiful photos with beautiful captions that show a life happy.
In most cases, these photos do not reflect the reality, because in the
search for followers and likes, people often they start losing their
minds and are unable to hit action. He eats rarely moments in my life
that I want to share with others, as Therefore, I have NO social media
accounts: facebook or instagram. I dress in reality that seems much
sharper than the carefree life for which people try to show on the
internet all to see. I want tell you more about me: I've never been
married and have no children. In my free time I like to cook. This is
my passion. I like it cook various dishes of different nationalities.
Even in my spare time Mi likes to play sports, read various books and
watch movies. I do not have political, racial or religious bias. For
me, the skin color or nationality, large or small hair, black or
blondes, we speak the same language. For me, the most important thing
is a person who has a rich inner world who believes in true love and
he respects me with great devotion. What am I looking for in the
person of the my heart? For me I don't care about my man's financial
situation and of his social status. The main thing is that he was a
good one person with human values ​​and with the right priorities.
Tell me more about you? I would be interested to know how you are
spending your days of work?
Only if we tell each other more about ourselves can we get to know
each other a friend is better. I wrote it like I was afraid of being
boring so I'll finish my letter. If I missed something, I am Ti I will
answer in the next letter. I will be happy if we continue the our
communicating and learning from each other as much as possible.
Impossible to tell my whole life in 1 letter, it will take a long time
time but You can always ask me any questions and I will try to answer
he you. Now I finish my letter. I will be extremely grateful if you
will send me your photos.Hope to see your reply soon.
Your new friend Elena.
Comment #163546
This scammer has appeared on this site before in 2019 and maybe be before that. They are well known on other scam warning sites. These are some other emails used with these photos.
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected].
[email protected].
[email protected].
[email protected].