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This is the same person as:

Initially she supplied me with this email address (v[email protected]) but then said that she'd had to change it:

She first initiated contact with me via the website called Tagged.

I corresponded with her for several months and found early on that she claimed the camera on her phone wasn't working properly so a video call was not possible.

She then started to request money as she said she didn't have enough money to feed herself and her daughter.

Several times she requested £100. I told her that I was very happy to give her that money provided I could first meet her in person and hand it to her .

I told her I was willing to drive all the way to her hometown which she claimed was Blackpool and we could meet out somewhere in public, like a cafe and I would simply hand the money to her.

However, she insisted that she wanted to first come and visit me at my home and that she wanted me to send her the money so that she could book her train fare.

I told her this was not possible because I couldn't risk the fact that she might be a scammer.

She also sent me photos of her and her daughter which she claimed were taken in Blackpool. However, it was very clear from the photographs that this was a woman and a little girl in the USA as it was a typical American house. So, it seems that she stole the photos from somewhere and claimed that they were her and her daughter.

She eventually broke contact with me when I continued to insist that I was very willing to help her out financially but that I would have to meet her in person first.