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Hi .
I want to say that i'm really interested in the man like you. The main
aim of my writting is to meet my destiny, so if you are not interested
in me seriously, please, don't write. I want to meet a real man for
making a family, I'm not interested in your appearance and in your
money, but I'm interested in your soul and your attitude to me.
As for my job experience. I work at Zagirtsi village in the museum.
I do some job about documents here too you know a work of museum is not only making excursions and telling historical events I do many methodical work, as
i finished Institute or History before. It's my loving job, I like taking with people, I like working with paintings and magazines,
You know, I like romantic stories and novels, because I'm very sensitive and tender woman.
It's a pity our politicians doesn't pay much attention to culture.
The salary is small and the general stuff of our museum is old. I would like that it changes soon.
While reading touching stories I'm searching for a man of my dream.
I suppose he will be the part of me and we share with him all my successes and troubles,
we visit different countries and cities and we'll enjoy the life in all bright colors.
How beautiful life I imagine for me and for a man of my dream. Am I right?
What do you think about my profession?
my height is 170 weight is 55.
About my character I can say that I am very devoted and sincere. I think that I can share everything with the man, who will give me love and devotion. I don't like lie and pretension, a bitter truth is much better for me than the sweetest lie. So, I am trying to find a man, who will be honest and serious, caring and loving, who doesn't want to blame anybody for his own mistakes. I think that may be the features I want to see in the heart of my future husband are very hard to have, but I don't want to give up hope that you are that very person. Also I want to say that I will never ask for something that I don't have myself. I think that I am a giving person, I do ask much, but I give more than I am asking for! I was a good pupil i speak English and French .Please pay attention on that. i need not translation . I was a good student at school, Also it will be interesting for me to learn other languages and i learn some words and expression and i hope to make a progress in further studies.
I think you are interesting the place where i live now .I live in a small village in the Western part of my country. The place is small and old but i have decided to move if its necessary because I can't find a man here. most of the man i meet are greedy, rude, not having family vales like me. I'll be a good wife for my husband. I can give many things to man, I have good skills of cooking. I like Decorating its one of my favorite hobbies. What I
also like is making presents and surprise my friends, I like knitting, sewing. I like hand-made presents so my dream will be proud for me.I just want you to know that in the past I have done a lot of damage, disappointments, betrayals, and I do not want to go through the same thing again
I'd like to add some lines of my ideal man- strong, kind man very attentive and polite.
Of course I prefer tender man and I can give my tenderness to him also.
I like nature, long walks, museums, exhibitions, etc.
I gave you many info about me, I would like to know your opinion about my style of life, what you like what you do not like?
I would like to know about your style of life, your profession, family?
Please write me about that I will wait this info with pleasure.
I'm looking forward for your reply.
Have a nice day .