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Sorry for not responding to your letter right away. I work a lot. I have long shifts and shifts. I work in a dental hospital.
I am writing to you from my new mailing address. I beg you to answer me at my new address [email protected]
my old address gmail does not send a letter. so I changed my email address.
I'm writing about myself now:
First: Hello, I'm glad to meet you.
Secondly: I received your letter. Thank you.
This is my second letter. I ask you to take me seriously. I do not want to play games. Only real communication.

My goal:
I am looking for a man for a serious relationship. I wan't to create a family. I do not want to live in Russia. Because life in Russia is very complicated. there is a lot of corruption and theft. I do not want to talk about politics ...
I am a real girl. we must trust each other. Trust is an important key in relation. do you agree with me ??

Now I want to tell you about myself:
My name is Yuliya. I am 30 yers old. I am already an adult girl. I'm not married. I do not have children. My heart is open.
I was born on 24 June 1990. My height is 165 cm. My weight is 50 kg. my eyes are green. my hair is brown. I will send you my photos. so you can see me!

I have internet at home. but my internet is very weak. and I can’t use real-time communication programs. I do not have Skype and MSN.
I know English. I studied English at school. I will write you my letters in your language. I use a translator. I hope that you will read and understand my letters. My native Russian language.
I do not use Facebook. I do not like social networks. I do not like to show my life to people around. in Russia, people are very envious and evil.
I understand that you want to know where I found your email address. I turned to a dating service with foreigners.
I do not know the dating site where they found your address. they didn’t tell me that. I took your email. And I am writing you my letter.
I was warned in a dating agency that many men ask for a naked photo. and communicate with girls only to get a naked photo.
I ask you not to ask my naked photo. if you want only my naked photo. then I ask you not to answer me anymore. I will not send you naked pictures. Because I'm not a porn actress. I am a live real girl Yuliya.

I work in a city dental hospital. I am an assistant dental assistant. I help the doctor in the treatment and examination of patients.
I really like to work. I love my job. my work is very noble.

About my family: I was born in Russia. In the city of Elabuga.
The ElAZ plant is engaged in the production of special automobiles and equipment for the gas and oil industries.
Elabuga is an ancient and beautiful city on the banks of the Kama river. there are many historical sites in my city.

In 2015, my mother died of cancer. I do not want to write further. It hurts me to remember the past.
My father left my mom in 2008. And left the family.
I live in a 1 room apartment. The area of ??the apartment is 32 square meters.
I work a lot. I need emotional support. I need kind words. I need a kind and honest man.
I'm glad you wrote to me. I will send you my photos. and also ask you to send your photos. I need to trust you.
Perhaps in the future our communication will grow into great love.
Now I will finish my letter. I'm waiting for your answer.
It is important that our communication develops with you. Nice to meet you.
Sincerely Yuliya. do not forget to send me your picture.
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Thi scammer has appeared on this site before back in May of 2020. that time they were using the name Ekaterina [email protected], from Chelney, Russia