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Today i got exactly the same mail like chris
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Auch mir hat sie geschrieben
Sometimes it is very difficult to take the first step. But I am not
one of those who wait for gifts from fate. I decided to write to you
because I don't want to be alone anymore. If you are as lonely as I
am, then I suggest that you first become my friend. How do you like my

I often look for the meaning of life and now I finally realized that
for happiness, I need a second half. And although I spent a lot of
time trying to make a career as a TV presenter, now I realized that
looking back on my life, I can't put together my perfect puzzle.

I always believe in the best, and despite everything that happens
around me, I always remain cheerful. I want to share my energy with a
real man who will understand me and appreciate everything I do for
him. And if you are ready for new adventures, then write me a little
about yourself.

I'll wait for you here, Oksana.
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[email protected]
[email protected]
Multiple emails are also used.
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Hello my dear A.

Thank you for always being with me. I am ready to go to Kiev and start
doing all the paperwork. On the weekend i was in a travel agency and
found out what I needed to get there. I I will sign everything in
stages so that you can understand what I need. The first is cross the
border. Make a rapid test for Covid. it costs $ 100. Another very
important thing is to get permission from the Security Service.
Ukraine to cross the border. 300 dollars. Due to my activity
journalist, I may have problems at the border, because I participated
in the information war against Ukraine. I found contacts how can this
issue be resolved. I have a friend Marina who works in politics. And
she will agree so that I have no problems. You probably know what
Ukraine is and how issues are resolved here. Travel to Kiev $ 50 by
bus. Rent an apartment and eat about $ 300. And start obtaining
refugee status and apply for obtaining a passport $ 50. All this will
be done from two weeks to months. This is all real and we can meet.

I tried to write down all my costs for you so that you can understand
that it is impossible for me to collect such a sum alone. I can never
leave here alone. I am a hostage in this situation. But I believe that
mine the prince will set me free and we will be happy. You are
constantly on my mind. I really wanna be with you.

I know that this is not small money and I have no right to ask for it.
you. But if I do it. I'll be with you I want to give you all my love
and care. I want to open up new horizons with you. Write our book of
love with you. Become your wife. You're the one who I was looking for.

Think about what I'm telling you. I want balanced decisions from you.

Always yours Oksana.
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I have just finished my fake relationship with Oksana. I realised long ago that this was a scam, but decided to play along to get more details. Obviously I have received all the mails that have already been shared on this discussion board. I just want to add certain facts that are probably not untrue about this scammer.

Her full name is Oksana Yastrebova. She shared the full name for me to transfer money to her by Moneygram. Since Moneygram does not give money to fake names, this might be the real full name of one of the scammers.

Guess what, I also had a telephonic call with her. The number she used was +380660383098.

Apparently, she got Covid when she was in Kiev. Her aunt, whose name is Olena Tsypchenko came to the rescue but she needed money for her treatment. When I agreed to help with money, following bank account was shared with me for the remittance:
Beneficiary: Olena Tsypchenko
Tax number: 2851018388
Account#: IBAN UA703005280000026205000044272
Beneficiary's bank: OTP Bank 43 Zhylyanska Str., Kyiv 01033; Banks code: 300528

So we now know the bank account that the scammers are using. If someone is a serious detective, there is enough detail here for us the catch hold of the scamsters (or at least freeze their account).

Cheers guys!