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Hello again!
I would also like to apologize for the fact that I could not answer you quickly. I was visiting my parents.
Only now I have the opportunity to give you my answer. I hope you have been looking forward to and missing me.
I received your letter and I am happy. I want to know more about you. But I don't know where to start. I want to tell you that I am new to this. I've never met online before!
This is my first experience, and I hope it will be my last too!
Anyway, let's get to know each other a little closer! ;-)
Please tell me you have a nickname that your friends call you.
How can I call you?

I am interested to know - How are you and what are you doing at the moment
It is always pleasant to continue a dialogue with an interesting man.
It will also be interesting to know something about you.
I want to introduce you to me better ...
Write that you are interested to know about me
Here is some of my biography ..
I was born in Russia, in the city of Perm.
My father is Belarusian, and my mother is a Russian woman.
Tell me about your city, where you live. It will also be very nice if you show a photo of where you live.
I wish to visit Europe soon.
My father has a business over the internet with European people.
Father sells furniture for home and office.
You can probably advise me where it will be interesting to travel in Europe
I have never been married and have no children. Of course I had
relationship, but it ended over 2 years ago.
I do not want to remember the past, as the past man did a lot to me
In general, I am a positive person ;-).
I wish you to have a nice day and a wonderful mood.
I have attached some of my photos to the letter.
Hope you enjoy it.
I hope that I will receive your letter and your photo again. I will be looking forward to it.

P.S. I don’t remember .. I said I’m 40 years old. Summer will be 41 years old.
I believe that this is not a problem for our acquaintance and pleasant communication.
I also use a translation program from time to time.
Comment #162606
This scammer is using photos of a model named Natalia Lyaskovskaya