Scammer Raria Daria

Arzamas, Nizhny Novgorod region. Russia
Arzamas, Nizhny Novgorod region. Russia
Unsolicited email. Google images

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Comment #162598
I had this scammer contact me via an unsolicited email. We have exchanged several letters. They also sent me a number of photos which I googled. There was nothing reported. Like the email address was also unknown. I have not been able to identify who this woman is.
Comment #162650
A few months ago she hade asked me for 800USD for her sick grandfather by [email protected] she writes english very well.

Hello My Dear!
>>> With all my heart, I want to express my gratitude for your letter!
>>> Thank you for your subtle and kind words, thank you for your
>>> understanding !!! Also thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it!
>>> Dear, it is valuable to me that we can share joy and sadness, this
>>> makes our relationship even stronger.
>>> I want our relationship to be like Diamond, so strong that it cannot be broken.
>>> I want our relationship to be like Gold, never rust and never darken.
>>> I want the storms of life and the storms of fate not to destroy our relationship.
>>> I really want all these words to be not only simple words, but reality.
>>> First of all, I want to answer your questions:
>>> Language practice will last 2 months. After that I will receive an
>>> international diploma and will be able to work as a translator.
>>> Thank you very much for the complete information. I will hand over
>>> everything to the curator of the University.
>>> By the way Dear, today I took a day off at the University because
>>> I have to solve a problem with my grandfather.
>>> However, I decided to analyze the possibility of sending my
>>> grandfather to a house for old people.
>>> First I found a phone number at a house for old people. I called
>>> there and I spoke with the administrator.
>>> I asked the administrator, "Will they be able to receive my grandfather?"
>>> The receptionist answered me that "Yes, of course we accept all elderly people."
>>> And then I asked, "What is the procedure for sending grandfather to a house for old people?"
>>> The administrator answered me that "First you need to submit an
>>> application, then get into the queue, you also need to prepare a large package of documents."
>>> I asked the administrator, "How long does it take for this process?"
>>> The receptionist told me that "This procedure takes about two months, perhaps more."
>>> Then I asked again, "Why is it taking so long?"
>>> But the administrator answered me that "There are rules and in any
>>> case the procedure will be at least about two months."
>>> After that, I thanked the administrator for talking.
>>> Now I understand that I do not have time to send my grandfather to
>>> the house for old people at the moment. If only to do this procedure
>>> after the end of the language practice.
>>> And so, again I was convinced that the nurse is the only option now that will save me.
>>> Therefore, I decided to look for ads for the provision of nursing services.
>>> I found a lot of ads and I realized that hiring a nurse is absolutely not a problem.
>>> I made a lot of ad calls. I called nursing agencies.
>>> Also, I called private nurses who work for themselves.
>>> There are a lot of options. But for example, in agencies, services
>>> are much more expensive than those of private nurses.
>>> All nurses work on the basis of an official contract and all give
>>> a guarantee. Everyone is trying to take care of their reputation and
>>> I made sure that it is completely safe to hire a nurse.
>>> When concluding a contract with a nurse, you must pay 50% - this
>>> is an advance payment. And the rest must be paid after the work is done.
>>> It turned out that all the nurses work only on a 50% prepayment
>>> basis. I do not know why such conditions, but such conditions are everywhere.
>>> I settled on private nurses because this option is much cheaper.
>>> For two months of work, the cost of a nurse's services costs
>>> 90,000 rubles. And to hire a nurse and conclude a contract with her,
>>> you need half of this amount. This is 45,000 rubles.
>>> Unfortunately, now I do not have the required amount, so I offered
>>> to pay for the services after arriving in your country.
>>> Because after arriving in your country, I will be given a
>>> scholarship. But no one agreed to this option.
>>> Caregivers agree to work only on a prepayment basis of at least half the cost.
>>> And therefore the only way out is to look for funds.
>>> Tomorrow I will again take a day off from my studies at the
>>> university and I will start looking for the required amount.
>>> I don't want to give up ahead of time. I do not want to admit the
>>> thought that I will not be able to come to you.
>>> I mentally tune in to our first meeting. And even language
>>> practice is not so important, our meeting is much more important !!!!
>>> You know My Dear, when I come to my room, then the first thing I
>>> see is our tree. And this tree cheers me up, this tree gives me an
>>> incentive. But most of all, this tree reminds me of you !!!!
>>> I don't know how, but you found the key to my heart. In big
>>> letters, you wrote your name on my heart !!!
>>> To be honest, the last days I have been living with the thought of
>>> us and our meeting !!!! Please understand correctly, these are not
>>> rose-colored glasses, these are real feelings !!!
>>> Dear, still, I would like to apologize for telling you about my
>>> problems. I hope that my talk about problems does not darken our relationship.
>>> I don't want to talk about problems at all, especially now that we are getting closer.
>>> Please do not misunderstand, I am very embarrassed to tell you
>>> about my problems. But you have become such a close person to me
>>> that I do not share the boundaries of sadness and joy. I can only
>>> talk about problems with someone close to my heart. Not because I
>>> want to complain, but because I trust.
>>> But anyway, I don't want you to feel uncomfortable. I don't want to burden you.
>>> Therefore, I want to apologize again if I caused any discomfort.
>>> I will now finish my letter. At the end of my letter, I wish you a
>>> successful day and a good mood !!!!
>>> And of course, as always, I put my tender kiss and strong hug into my letter !!!!!
>>> With a flame in my heart, I will wait for your quick answer!
>>> Your Karina!