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Hello dear Kais!!! How at you affairs? I Hope that at all of you
Perfectly. If you knew as I is glad to receive your letters. Mine The
mood noticeably rises when I read your letter. I think, that My heart
does not deceive me. Why I have chosen you from all? I think, That
destiny has reduced us together. For me became It is necessary to
receive your letters and as with pleasure to answer them. Thanks you
dear Kais, that you do not cease to write, as it Very important for me
now. I so understand, in this letter mine Turn to tell to me about
itself. Well then I shall start to tell about The ideas and desires.
As you likely have already noticed I love It is a little to argue. I
very much like to read books, I think, that reading Books very well
influences people. And you like to read books???? So To me very much
and very much to like to travel and certainly I would like To visit
many cities and the countries of the world. But while dreams were not
embodied During a life. But I necessarily to achieve that to me it
would shall be not necessaryl, As I very much wish to embody this
dream in a reality. Mine Dear Kais, can to you it will seem ridiculous
but I very much want To learn to drive the car, and I as shall achieve
this Small but all the same treasured dream. As I very much love
sports and Constantly I try to behave in the form of. I like to float,
play Volleyball, tennis, also I go to a sports hall! My dear Kais, and
what your most romantic dream? And now I I shall tell to you the
dream. I would like, that you have presented lonely Sailing vessel in
the high sea. The sea in this to put quiet and practically without
Waves. The general words a full calm. Sails of a sailing vessel
absolutely white, and Reflecting solar beams, he simply blinds. It is
heavy to look at it, It is simply dazzling, but on it it is pleasant
to look, feel its cleanliness and tenderness of light. A sailing
vessel (its case) practically It is completely painted by snow-white
color, and only on its nose write its name. Its mast, very high and
from it go Cables to a forage and to a nose of a vessel. The sailing
vessel slowly shakes on waves, Around silence and calmness. Where that
coast of islands, it are far visible Greens. On this vessel We are
only you and I, and anybody near to us is not present. We do not
hesitate, Each other. We sunbathe under clear beams of the sun, the
sky is absolute Pure, without clouds. We lay and we enjoy a life, in
fact a life it The finest, that is at the person... We do not reflect
on ours Daily problems, we do not think that will be further with us.
We lay and we enjoy each instant of our short life, We enjoy, looking
against each other. And it seems to us, that to this will not be
Neither the end, nor edge. So there comes evening, the sun vanishes
and comes Night, but night to not become such dark, because on The sky
there are bright stars. We lay and we look at stars. You to me tell
about all stars and constellations. You tell about Opening of space,
also you speak, what secrets are kept still with space. But on This
yet does not come to an end. We visit a night disco. On this disco we
dance and we have fun. We are pleased to this. I hope, you You
represent it. In fact I have presented it. Well as Kais, To like you
it? If something was not pleasant to you or you would like Something
to add to this you can write to me.. I shall be very much Is glad to
learn your opinion. I think, that on this I shall finish the letter
on. I have made one of photos when was at home, I was photographed by
my mum. And I have made the second photo specially for you when went
in with the girlfriend to cafe. I seem to me spoke you, what at me
have stolen phone, you read my letters? I have told to you, that you
can leave to me your phone number and I shall call to you. Today also
I shall wait for new letters from you, my dear Kais! With Great
respect, yours Natalya!