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Cherkassy Russia

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Hello my dear!

Thank you for your interest. I am very happy that you are interested
in me and we are going to talk more and know each other better. It`s
great, because I`m sure that communication will help me to know you
and it will help you to know me. I hope you would like my picture I
was sent. And now I think you would be happy to read more about me. My
name is Yana. I`m 26 years old. I`m going in for sport. I was played
in volleyball team "Dinamo-crug" in the city of Chercassy. But now I
leave a big sport. I`m working a fitness-trainer now and looking for
my lovely man. I like outdoors, dancing, reading the books and
sometimes I compose a poems. It comes from my heart. It`s a romantic
poems. I wish send you one. All my life I lives with next words:"For
the world you are nothing, but for the somebody, you are the world."
As I`m romantic person I like to dream. I`m dreaming of meeting the
love of my life and I hope you dream about it too. So, it`s me and I
truly hope that you will write me back. If you have any questions,
feel free to ask me. I will gladly answer them and promise to be
honest. Please write me to my e-mail address
[email protected]

I am looking forward to your letter.

With best wishes Yana

From: "[email protected]"
Sent: Wednesday, November 26, 2008 10:17:52 AM
Subject: from Yana

Hello !

Nice to hear from you. Thank you for your letter. You know, I have
never talked to anyone before you through the Internet. I find it very
interesting, but more over I think that Internet unites people. Any
single person has a chance to find his soul mate. We also can't be
sure if this connection will bring us together, but I like you and you
like me. And I want to be able to talk to you about everything, and
for you to be able to talk to me about whatever is on your mind! I
feel that it can be the beginning of something very strong. I want to
be your friend and share my life with you. It`s important when you are
talking to the person whom you almost don't know. It is not a problem
, because I`m ready to open my heart for you. I belive in love. And I
wish to find my lovely man. I hope it will be you. I`m happy to read
more about you. I was not wrong, you are really interesting person.
Now it`s my turn to tell you more about my life, my personality and my
character. I hope you don`t forgot that my name is Yana. I`m 26 years
old. I was born on 1st of February, 1982. I was born in town named
Severodonetsk. I`m a single child in my family. I don`t live with my
parents. But I love them very much. And I often calling to them. My
family is an ideal for me and I`m aimed to create such family as my
parents created. My parents have been living together for almost 28
years. They love each other very much. But now I live in the city
called Lugansk. It`s very nice place. And I love it. Every morning I
need to wake up early in order to get to my working place in time. I
work in the fitness-club, I`m a trainer. I like my profession. My work
consist of four lessons in the day. On the lesson my pupils have a two
hours of training. I teaching them to be beautiful and sturdy. In my
free time I like to go to the swimming pool, to the sauna, play
volleyball, meeting with my friends, traveling to new interesting
places, and testing delicious food. I very much like Christmas time.
Also, I like to cook. And I always experimenting with it. I have
another hobby , now I studying English. I think this is one the ways
of showing your desires and feelings. I have a lot of dreams and I
hope they will come true. One of my greatest desires is to learn
English, because my English language is very poor so I have to use
translation service to send you my letters and read yours. Shame on
me, but I hope that it is not a problem for you. I am planing to study
English, moreover I met you. By the way I think it doesn't matter what
language people talk ,where they live and what race they are, more
important to treat people as you wish them to treat you. I am
finishing my letter with the hope that you will write me back. And I
hope this letter helps you to understand who I am! I am sending you my
pictures. I hope you will be happy to receive them. And I also would
be really glad to receive yours.

Waiting for your soonest reply!!
With best wishes Yana