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Subject: Hello my new friend!!!!

Hello my new friend!!!! I am glad, that you have become
interested in me Also, have written to me. But I have not been
assured, that you will write to me the answer. If you have written to
me, that, it is the most probable you already saw I wash a profil on
Site and already knows about me a little. But I however would like To
tell to you it is a little about yourself that you, knew Me is
better :), My name Natalya, but my friends name me Natashka. You can
name Me as it is pleasant to you more. I shall not take offence. As I
already spoke you My name is Natalya to me of 26 years, my birthday on
7-th of May. I at once wish to tell to you, that at me Very serious
intentions and my purpose to build serious attitudes. As I at once
wish to explain to you, why I have chosen the Internet The
correspondence to people from other country. First, I already very
much and very much For a long time it was disappointed in our men
because in them on the first place There is an alcohol, instead of
serious attitudes which very much, would be desirable To see in the
beginning of this list. I think, that you understand that I want To
you to tell. Secondly, I have been disappointed in the politician and
economy Our country. Sometimes even, happens, it is dangerous to leave
in the evening on street. Perhaps, you even have heard about this all.
As in us was very much and very much It is a lot of situations when
terrorists have seized the plane, theatre, and most of all Awful when
they have seized school with children. Unless I am similar on not The
normal person, that in such situation in the country to have children!
There is no I do not wish to sit at home and to wait for my child from
school, to think Only about this, that there, nothing happens that any
drunk The driver has not brought down him on road... I hope,
you understand in Such the situation of a happy life in Russia cannot
be... You understand Me? Earlier I corresponded to many men, but I
have stopped him To write after when they have started to ask my naked
photos. I think, that those people whom it asks, them simply do not
interest my spiritual condition my individual world my soul. Men for
some reasons forget, it According to laws of the nature choose women,
therefore I shall choose them, instead of They will choose me. I saw
on TV the program about The international marriages also have come to
conclusion, which the man chooses The woman, as a thing. First of all,
their my body interests only. And That such does not happen, I shall
choose the directly man... I I shall listen to my heart and to read
through his letters. if it does not arrange You, we shall
stop on this letter, and we shall not continue The correspondence. You
love my smile? :) In this letter I send you Photo, The first photo I
have made houses. And I have made the second, when I was on rest on
lake by name Tair.... bye.... Natalya.