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My Erik, how are you? I'm fine. My day today was rather usual. I got up today at 9.00! I slept for a long time because yesterday watched TV late at night! I have a TV-set in my room and it shows many channels. When I woke up, I was very surprised, that I have slept for so a ling time as in general I wake up early. For breakfast I had today fried eggs. They were with sausage and greens. Also I had a dairy cocktail.My Erik, I try not to show you my true condition now. But now I want to tell, that I feel very lonely here. I am very sad. I have lived alreadyfor a long time in Moscow and I anyhow have not made much for my documents and the visa. I hope very much, that you think of me much and that you want to meet me quicker. I want to feel your care. I do all this not only for me. I spend my forces here for bothof us, so that we meet and be happy together. I go on to believe in our relations. I will do everything that our relations will be a success. I know that you do everything from your part and everything which depends on you too. I am very grateful to you for it. Excuse me, that I have already got tired to live in Moscow. I planned to live here only for 5 days. But I think, that I will need to live here for some more time. Erik, today I again had a conversation with the lady at the Embassy and she again explained me all the situation. The matter is that I receive the visa of the tourist and at the Embassy I should prove my material stability .All the applications, all the documents and the airplane tickets should be from my name,and only then I can prove that I am financially steady citizen ofRussia and only then I can receive the visa of the tourist! I was told that I must buy the plane tickets myself here in Russia. Erik, my love understand that things are various here in Russia from those in your country and I am obliged to fulfill the condition of the Embassy. I do everything that depends on me and I take all the efforts for the sake of our meeting.I hope that you do not think that I am trying to deceive you! Erik, please don't think so,even only the thought that you don't trust me hurts my heartmuch.Erik please, believe me from the very beginning I had only trueand good intentions and I don't to give it all up now!!Tell to all your friends and family HELLO from Russia from me! I want to trust, that they will be glad to meet me inperson. Is it true? I love you, only yours forever, Nataliya.