Scammer tata Natalia.

Cherkasy Ukraine

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Hello, my dear mysterious friend!!! How are you??? I’m very happy to get your letter; you know when my friends advised me to try to find mybeloved in Internet I didn’t believe that it very simple to start communicate here, but you know I still think that for relations willdevelop it’s not enough only to exchange the messages, it must be the letters full of frankness, because we haven’t opportunity to see andto hear each other!!! Do you agree with me?? So, I would like to tell you a little bit about me and me life. As you know, my name isNatalia, or simple Tata. I was born 18 August 1977. I’m teacher of Ukrainian literature and language in school. I like very much my work,because first of all it’s permanent communication with the childrenand also I like very much the subject which I teach, I think for children and for people in general it’s very important to know thenative literature, as native history, without it we will not develop,we will not perfect ourselves. Well, as you understand it’s my workand my hobby in the same time! I live with my father, my brother and two daughters of my brother, my nieces. Our mother died when I was young girl, it was very difficult time for our family, it’s real tragedy when we lose our dear person, but it’s much more hard whenthis grief visit a family twice – a wife of my brother diedalso….sorry that my letter start by so sad lines, but it’s my life,it’s life of my family…Later I will write you more about my family, Ipromise it will not so sad, because now we are very happy people – we are together, we love each other, support and respect, I would like tohave the same relations in my own future family! By the way, I hope maybe in future I will have chance to meet you with my father, brotherand my nieces. So, what can I tell you about me…As you understandalready I like read very much, sometimes my relatives tell me that Idon’t read the books, I “eat” it :)! It’s true! But it’s not all about me, I have more hobbies, for example the flowers, I like to grow it,make a bouquets, make a compositions. Maybe it’s strange question forman, but do you like flowers? Also, I like very much the horses, and my dream to have one day my own horse, to care about her….but it’s not one my dream, I will write you more about it later! :) and you, what you like? Write me, please about you, I will be waiting for your letter with great impatience!!! Natalia