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First, the message I received was also sent to another email: [email protected]

Second, Text well elaborated, but at the ending "more or less" asking for 400 soles (about 100 euros) to pay rent/food/electricity

Third, After checking here I saw that over 160 other persons were asking for this email, but no report yet

Here's the text (had been sent in spanish and english - I will only copy/paste the english part:




WASAP: 0051-922970361

Well, my name is FIORELLA MILAGRITOS, I am from the northern part of the city of CHICLAYO, department of LAMBAYEQUE, it is north of the Capital of my Country, Peru, well I can tell you I am an only daughter of some parents who died of a DIABETES disease, I grew up with them and spent many happy moments with my parents, they passed away 4 years ago, being an only daughter, now I am here fighting for them. Thanks to them who gave me a good education, I had family from my parents but I never had a touch in relation to them because as I took care of and raised with my parents all my life I spent with my parents… that's why I don't have communication with part of my family ..

Now I am living and I rent a room for the moment because my father left and mortgaged my house and when the bank came to collect then and I did not have to pay the debt they took it from me and that is why I could now rent in a room and so I begin to live alone, and struggling, I have to recover the house soon but this takes time to collect the amount that is 4 thousand soles, in which case I hope with faith to recover it soon.

I used to work as a model but I left it for the reasons of personal problems that appeared to me, now I am here working as an assistant in a clothing store, but you earn little but well you have to sell so that you can earn something more because here you earn commission, I in clothing sales, well as they say you have to give your work hard ... I put my papers to different jobs about my profession but since there are so many applicants I was not lucky enough for this, well I keep fighting here and with What I earn, I am supporting my expenses, sometimes it is not enough, but I have to look for an occasional job such as cleaning houses, washing services, or something else that can be presented but something honest .

Well this I told you here I now live alone I have no one since I go through many problems but here I am fighting because what I want the most is to leave my country or my city where I can live, I will fight for what I want is to organize and plan a better future for my life. In finding a beautiful friendship and who knows love comes, whether inside or outside my country but always with respect and value as a woman that I am…. So I hope to reach more. ,,

I am a woman of good feelings i like to be homely attend to the man who steals my heart and be a woman of respect and love the person with the principles of loving, loving, honestly and above all faithful, i also like to read write poems I am very sentimental, I like to play sports, and the food of everything is just taking care of my physique, I also like to give a lot of love to those who give it to me from the heart.
If I would like to find it is a very pretty and beautiful friendship and above all that I can find the love of my life. That I value myself as a woman I repeat and above all sincere no lies I do not see the age except the distance and something clear love is not bought with money but with the feeling of the heart and love .. Since for my desire if to be Happy because in my past I suffered with my ex-partners, which I do not like to talk about in my past of this relationship that I had ..., let's live the present and the future to come ... I hope this from someone who can conquer my heart, ...

Now well I hope to find the love and sincerity of a person I ask to be happy to find a future for me to have a good job because the job that I have does not supply me in being able to pay the debts that I have such as food and income now since If I don't pay the rent where I live, they will kick me out, which is the 400 soles, which includes food and electricity, water, excuse me if you are uncomfortable with what I tell you, part of me, and well here you have me, thank you and God I hope I can be Your friend, I hope to hear from your answer, heart ... and to know us more kisses if ...

pdta: I what I want the most is someday to have the opportunity to leave here to migrate outside my country because I want to be loved to find a better future and forget my past to start being happy and to have a family to work and fight for a happy family. is my wish and I hope I will soon fulfill my dream --..... but how is it that to be able to leave the country you have to have money and to be able to collect it alone is what I'm going through is this already saving money I travel and I will be happy

pdta: Beforehand I tell you, we pray to our Father God to pass all this of the pandemic that is occurring in my country and throughout the world I pray to my God to take care of you and your family protect from this Virus. Now and always ... blessings god protect us a lot ...