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How are you today and hope things are on good terms with you? I really want to tell you everything about me ... My name is Eva , I'm 31years old (168cm) lady with blond hair My father is from Quebec, Canada and my mom is from Schwyz, Switzerland but I moved out of there due to some reasons and I am studying Nursing and Midwifery Social sciences and I am currently doing a research based on my course of study in United State and I am a single mother(I mean i have a son) and how about you?, I'm looking for n a man that is caring and compassionate who will be truthful and honest as well,As for me here is more about me . I am glad we both have good things in common online, to me and assure you that I am indeed interested in you. As a person I'm a very warm deep individual. I'm looking for some to cherish, to love or be loved.In essence if I feel one is not complete with the significant other.A person to whom i can share my ideals with, express my concerns with,comfort her in her hour of need. I am down to earth, a very practical,common sense individual... I believe in trusting one another.Trust is the most important of a relationship don't you agree?. Without trust a relationship cannot exist. I want to be the one that can be there to treasure you in your times when you question something. I want to be the one that can make you laugh. I do have a good sense of humor,and a general good disposition about me. One cannot take this; you either have one or do not. I do. Of course arguing does occur not everyone is happy all the time. One thing is for sure if i was to it would be one that if id did occur you would know that it would be one of concern. The idea that even though i am disagreeing with you would still know from my mannerism that it is out of concern for you.In other words you would know that i still love you! I would respect you for who you are. My heart would not permit me to hurt you emotionally or to hurt you would also hurt myself.. There would be great emptiness in my life if I was to lose you. I value someone like yourself for her ideas, and feel that whatever you have to say is important! My values are traditional. I was taught by parents to respect a man like yourself. To treat that person as i would be treated. i would like to give it a try and get to know someone as deep and compassionate as yourself better. your love would be something that i would cherish to me is vital for someones love is truly something of value that cannot be bought by any financial means.i as a person am college educated, Average height average build. i keep my appearance as very neat as possible and present my self to people with a little class. i have a variety of interest ranging from going to the beach to reading. i have to go now i figure i would email something brief to let you know what my thought about you where. i hope you like what you have had because like i said before I value you as a person and would like to show you that my intentions are just. email me back and let me know what you think and tell me how many girls have you met from the site we met each other and i totally agree that SEX is very important in every relationship and I will always satisfy my man with that all i want is a serious partner that we can do things together , I am tired of being single.

Talk to you soon...
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Josie Ann Miller - to są zdjęcia z jej młodości - wykorzystywane oczywiście przez oszustów