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Keedman, Hagerman
Hannover, CA United States

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We started Writing on Hangout (google)
She was showing herself of being a pretty kindred spirit
i have multiple google accounts completly unlinked from eachothers and in both of them i played a different personallity and both of the accounts she was saying contradicting stuff from last names to origin to diffent places that she is right now

after a bit of writing it took a very steap curve out of the sudden she told me that she was a rentable girlfriend etc. you know the scam

she told one of my accounts that she was in Hannover (Germany) and the other one that she is in CA

at some point i hid a IP-grabber inside a link that she clicked and there i found out after a small Whois lookup She was located in the Belarus

I also have the exact date the email address has been created and it was the 15th october 2019

Since for hangout needs a google address and a google adress wil also create a Youtube channel and there you can find the date the channel has been created witch was 15-10-2019
^^channel of her google account^^
but she will tell you she has been doing that for yearssweetnspicy

When i wasn't replying quick enough she was playing with mental games like i would lack of interest and that she would have thousand people lined up to adore her

after that she asks you to do a donation to her over paypal for a specific ammount that she will specify in before hand and links you through a bitly link (nothing wrong with linkshorters) but it will eventually lead to
(removing the "sweetnspicy" leads to a 404 and imprint of that website is really non existend
When being challenged for the fact that she must have one she replied very very angry

"Look I already stood up before like 4 times and Im tired of being stupid. I dont want to happen that again. Im just here for real fun and serious meet ups.This is just a small thing that you will do for me. So that I can be comfortable before we meet. Show me that I can trust once more again. so i decided that way to know you are not going to disappointed me like of them i`m just seriously meetup i don`t wasting your time to talk me to be honest i hope you understand my situation last time i trust you everything once you will be paid that contract. you can send the payment for my schedule because i have work every day.
I dont need to prove anything and you wont regret this because im here for real and not into games. Just give me 1% of your trust and i'll give you back the 99%. I understand that the net is full of shit but dont count me in as one of them coz i am not playing games on here. And i'm not risking my moral as an educated woman by making fun of any guy on here. Hard to believe though but that's me, i mean what i say! No games, no pretensions.
if you don`t believe me you can move on
i won`t forcing somebody don`t like to see me"

just to elaborate to that theme 4times waking up
i made automated messages that would occure overnight
that i pissed her off with (i knew by that time she was scamming already)

Besides that her Grammar was shit the entire time someone from the other side of the pond (she pronounces herself as a native CA, American) would have had much more Grammar

That was about it
i guess that was thourough enough if there are extended questions my email is [email protected]