Scammer Maria Niculae

Pitesti, Mioveni, Ploiesti
Ploiesti, Romania
Str. Energiei nr.1 Bl.100 Sc.1 Et.4 ap.11 Ploiesti Prahova Romania

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Comment #161340
I am M :) from dating site... by my real name is Maria :) ... Remeber me
? :)

Remember me from the cupid date site ...??? .. Yes.. you give me your
e-Mail adress there to write you... and to comunicate much good with me.
I hope you remember me... and you still want to talk with me also
here... I am new on dating on Internet.. I am not sure how it is
working... and I am not sure if it will work with me... but we will
try... no? First I want to tell you that if you feel that you don't like
me .. or if you feel that I am not for you... you can tell me... it is
not a problem... I understand... I know that there.. and also Geoff , I
check and are many many sweet and beautiful girls and I bet you will
have luck with them ... if not maybe just with me I don't know what it
will happend next :) Nobody know the future ! :) :) Geoff well I am at
the work, and I have 1h and I will try to write you back...

I think I need to start with a little description about me... maybe you
forget the details about me from the description... I also want to say
to you that I am so sorry for my english .. it is not my first leanguage
.. even that I make english in the school and a little and the
university but I don't have with who to talk and this is why... maybe it
is not good... When you don't understand something please say... okay
Geoff ?? I will try to repeat in another way... with other words. So
Sorry again... :( I will try to improve if we will be friends or much
more :) maybe I will take a dictiorary from english to Romanian :) Okay ?

You should know that sometimes I am a little bit shy... :(( ... Well..
This is the moment ... because I don't know what to write you... I try
to search on the Google what I should write you on this on the meeting
online :) or when you try to find a man online ... but this is stupid...
:)) I don't ... or I know how to write you .. but I am not sure If I
will do good or I will write you long or short :) Or..... or If I write
you a long e-Mail .. I am a little bit affraid that my e-Mail it will
not reach you... or something else... So I am begginer girl in this
dating :)) I need to say that I am a bit emotion in this moment Geoff ...

Well... I am Maria ... . I am from Romania, a country in Europa, from a
city named named Pitesti . [email protected] is my personal
email address, but now I am writing you from my work e-Mail work e-Mail
address.. [email protected] So if you want you can
write me here or on my gmail .. well actually I write you from here
because I am not sure why I can no access today my email from work , I
prefer you to write me on my personal e-mail and when is something
urgent to write me here . I enter on the on the date site because want
to find a good man, and also I have another reason.. A friend of mine
Anca from my hometown, have a nice story with a man from New Zealand ...
a man that she meet her on the Internet... and they have a children in
this moment.. Well I don't see Anca for few time because she move on New
Zealand with that man... and she is not comming for few years here in
Romania and I loose contact with her... I will tell you the story maybe
in the other of my eMail. I would like to find a man who will be sincere
(very sincery) in relationship. In a man with value intellect, kindness,
honesty, generosity, and responsibility. Beautiful inside and outside,
strong and honest. I'm looking for a man caring, reliable, Faithful,
loving, generous,responsible, kind, intelligent, athletic, with no bad
habits. A man looking for a serious relationship just with one woman for
all of his life and all of my life.

I want to say about me that like I have write on the Internet dating
site, I was born here in Romania, in Pitesti / Arges, on 4 September
1989 ... So I still have 30 year... In 4 Sptember this year I will make
31.. My height is.. 165 cm .. I hope I am not to tall for you.. :)
Jocking...In fact I am not so shoort for you... and Yes I like to joke a
lot and I belive that I have a good sense of humor, my weight is i think
55-57 Kg sometimes less or more... I live with my parents in city called
Pitesti ... We leave in the apartament . I am working here in the town I
work like a secretary at one small local company from Ploiesti.. and
also I am working in the weekends like baby siter when I can ... I will
tell you much more about this in the next e-Mails... I come from a
loving family with moral value and wish to have my own in the future.
Honest, kind, intelligent, tender, sweet, lovely, sensetive, romantic.
I love to travel, to swim, to have good time. Loving humor and I think
that I have a good sense of humor, pleasant to talk .. My mind is free
and open. Also maybe I am not a top model and the most beautiful girl in
the world but I belive that I am not ugly. I am not a girl that spend
time on social network... I feel bad when i see people that are loosing
time with this.. are many things to do in real life.. Also I hope you
are not a man that loose time on social network and other phone things...

I don't have much access to Internet... just from Internet Caffe and
also fro where I work... I can acess almost all the time.. but not in
the personal ways... but shhh :)) this it will be our secret :).... I
will write you from the work... when I can... but my superviser don't
need to see me... maybe from the work I will write you short... okay? :)
Now I am writing you from work I come here till 1 July when this company
it will open again... for 1 ~ 3 times by week... and I am not doing
nothing just clean my desk just enter on Internet... :( I have try to
survive this problem with the virus... :( even that Romania is not much
danger here in Romania we have many restrictions :( and we can even
don't leave the house without papers... :( I try to survive... I have
not take just 20% from my salary.. and this also is not good .. but soon
I know that this with problem with virus it will end .. maybe for a
periode of the time.. I am afraid that a second wave it will come in
autumn ... winter.. ! :( What about you .. you have survive okay with
this "Covid/Corona Apocalypse" ?? You have people that you know that get
infected ??

Well if you will not like me... or something if you think that we will
not working maybe we will remain just friends.. maybe I will find you to
find a girl from Internet or from here Romania I don't know... :) I
promise that I will never make you hurting or try to offende you or tell
you stupid things and I hope you will not do this to me... and you will
not fight or write me stupid things.. PLEASE! Well my new friend Geoff
... I want to tell you something... before I meet you over the date site
some man write me... but they ask me for stupid things and I don't
respoden to them ... I don't want to compare you with somebody.. but
I... I also don't like to loose time of my life... and with this man
that I talk they ask me about nude photos, or they talk dirty, or some
... I belive that are just jocking... Please with all of my hurt... if
you belive that this is a joke... or you want nude photos... you should
know that you will not get no nude photo... and also I don't like when
people talk dirty about sex.. and also I belive that Internet it is not
for this... Okay ? :( Don't get upsad that I tell you this... but...
honest I tell you... that I am really looking for somebody to talk, to
become my best friend, and to see that we fall in love, and maybe to
meet and maybe to start a life... a family... I hope you know what I
mean... Please with all of my heart don't get mad on me that I tell you
this.. okay ?

You will write me back?? You will send me photos with you??

Some question I have for you...

Can you tell me a joke?

Why you are on the date site? From how many time you are trying to find
a woman on dating site...???

Are you seriouse to find a relationship... or you want just to be friends?

So sorry again for my english :( I know that my english it is not good
but I will try to improve... Please, again, if you don't understand
something.. or you have question don't hesitate to write ask me okay ??

By the way I put some photos of me in this email that I write you... Are
photos with me... in the normal day... I try to renamed for you... with
the name that I see it on the photos... okay?? I will also want to tell
that the dog it is not mine it is a dog of a girld a friend that leave
in my block.. and sometimes I take care of him.. his name is Puffy... I
like it much... Do you like animals.. ?? Another question for you :)...
I also when I am dressed in white .. I am at the work at office... and
also I have a photos in the park from this spring .. I have a bit fun..
and also I have a photo in the park with Puffy... I hope you like the
photos.. I am a normal woman... Just a normal woman... I am a little a
ugly.. I know this... :( if you consider me ugly... I will understand..
I am just a normal woman.. :( nothing special...

I hope you will read this e-Mail with pleasure and I hope you have a
good day! SMILE! If I write you much and you will not read what I write
here... I loose my time i guess.. :( but it is no problem ... :( I
really hope that you will answer me and tell me about you and send me
some other pictures. Thanks.

Have a nice day and please protect yourself with this virus okay ??

Comment #161405
Thanks Geoff. I have all the same photos and more, I also got the same emails too. I wonder who the woman in the pictures is?
Comment #161448
Wow....this lady is relentless. I wonder how many people she’s scammed already