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St. Petersburg Russia

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First Letter

Very glad to see you reply that you have send me and nice to know that you haven’t disregarded me.

At first I want to explain you about my profile so you don’t have misunderstanding.

As you know I leave in Russia, I’m russian but on my profile as you can see I have put the other local aria because when I tried to put Russian zip code I cauldnt get register on this side.

I hope that I haven’t confused you and you don’t mind about the distans but I think that is not a matter where are we from and how far we are from each other.

As I seed on my previous letter I think that you are interesting person, so I decided to use the chance to get acquainted with you and to know you better.

Well I know that you are interested what I’m really looking here?

I’m locking for the man of my dreams because I just want to be the hippest women. I dream of a husband with who I can have a good and happy family.

I’m looking for series attitudes not just a game because on internet anything can happen and

maybe for some one is just a game so I really do not want this.

I just want to give my love to someone who will love me very strongly and have the same filings as I do and we can have love together and be happy.

I have heard that lots of women from Russia get aquinted threw the Internet with the men and some of them have happy ends. I have heard that the men from abroad more series, they have respect to women’s so that why I thought that why cant I try too and see what will happen, maybe I will have my luck and finely will find my half, the one who I was looking for all this time.

I know that you would like to know more about me what kind of person I am?

Well I have born in country Russia and have been leaving here all my life. My birth is on 12.09.1980 so I’m 28 years old. I have born in town St.-Petersburg and have been leaving here all my life I am Christian. I leave with my mum and her name is Luda. She is 52 and she works in a the seller in shop . I am very grateful to my mum because she presented me a lot of care of tenderness and love and she is my closes person who I have. About my father is sad to say but he has past away in the car acsident many years ago when I was a small girl. Also I do have other relatives, my aunty and ankle, one brother in lore and sister in lore but they leave separately from us in different city and we seem them not very oftern.

I don't have many friends. I think, some good friends are important and enough than many of them.

About my job, I have finished school and after university got hire education and now I work Secretary. About my job have to say that I like my job. I work 5 day a week and at the weekends have days off and that give me free time for my self.

What about my character I'm person with a little humor, I like to smile, like theaters, like to go to the cinemas, like to read books, like all kind of music, in the summer go camping. In winter like to do go on ski and skates and all other interesting fings which make life more happy and interesting. Also I like to kook but only Russian food J.

I don't have bad habits, I don't drink alcohol, don’t smoke, don’t take drugs.

About my self also I can say that I’m creative and curious person. I very cheerful, kind, vigorous and modest in a measure. My favorite flowers is Snowdrops because is remaining to me beginning of the spring and spring is my favorite season of the year.

About relation ship I was never married, and naturally I have no children but of cause in the future would love to have a happy family and kids.

I did had relation with one person but it didn’t last for long because he was cheating on me, at the same time went out with other women. Well you probably wander why cant I find a different one here in Russia?

If really I just got so disappointed on them and I can’t fined the write one here. My opinion about Russian men can say that they are not very sieries, they area lazy and most of them don’t have respect for women and also as you probably know that Russian drings a lot. Well that is my opinion.

Well I think I have told you about my self and hope that know you can have a view of me.

Sertenly would love to know more about your. What kind of person you are, what is you character so please tell me. It will be really nice to know J.

Here with my letter sending more new photos of me Hope you will like them. Please let me know

That’s all for now, really looking for you letter because I really want to continue our communication.

Take care your Russian friend Anastasia.