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Kazan Russia

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This lay has aked for ban accounts, for visa money, for flight money and even for money for my own invite to Russia
This is a mall sample of the mail of more than 3 months.

Hello my love I am very glad to see from you the new letter. Your letter is filledby tenderness and love to me. It was very pleasant to me it to read. at me too now very bad weather, yesterday at night at us was asnow therefore was very cold at night, I not so did not have youbeside. today I again to call to mine to the uncle and to askwhen he can help me. he has told that he can give me money only in amonth. it very long, but we should wait this time. I waited ourmeeting very long and I can wait even a moHello my loved‏

Hello my love .I am glad to see from you the new letter. I read through yourletter and my soul was filled with that feeling, it was filledwith love, I LOVE YOU!!!!!! You my love you and I do notrepresent my meaning of the life that would be with me if I notmeet you, but I know that my life would not be full, but with you mylife was filled with sense now I understand that is for the sake ofwhat to live. The love is that feeling when nothing is necessary foryou except for the love person, I test this feeling now. I wishto be only with you always! Only you are capable to make me happy! I now very cold weather, today had a snow and consequently at myplace very coldly at night. And consequently I have very warmly puton, I have dressed warm socks and a warm sweater to not freeze)). But me it is all the same cold one in my apartment, I very much very muchdo not have you beside. My darling, today I have talked with myrelatives from India, it was my uncle, who have live there for manyyears. I have spoke about my relations with you and he has agree this,he knows what is love in internet, because he have met her wife thesame way. I have told him about cost of trip to england, it is veryexpensive trip for me, and he want to help me with this, but he cannot send me money because India does not allow to send money in Russiaand he have told that may by your man, he mean you , also he wantto check your sense for me, he can send money to your bank account. Iask you create new bank account for it with online access. Youcan do this? If yes, after when you will receive money you will sendme it for our meeting dear. I want a good and happy life for us withyou , I believe that all will be good. I love you, and I askyou agree I shall be very happy to meet you I love you and I wait fora prompt reply as I do not want to wait for a long time, meeting of uswith you. I cannot wait, I wish to be with you already now! Yes Iunderstand that to me will not make the visa while I shall not reservetickets to you. Yes at me is a few money, but Ishall require them that me have passed at customs, this moneyare necessary for entrance to your country. Each your letter pleasesme and when I not see from you the letter or itself I can not writeto you to me to become very sadly. I cannot live without you, you mylove and you my life! I like to look at your photos when I see you ona photo I I represent what you to realities, I represent yourgestures, I very much want that you were with me, I want that youembraced me and kissed, I wish to fall asleep in your gentle embracesand to wake up from your gentle kiss. All this so is romantic, thatwhen I think of it my soul and heart are filled with loveeuphoria. You my love! I wish to be with you always, only you can makeme happy.I shall finish my letter.I wait from you the new letter soon.Only yours Katya!
nth. but he has told tome that can buy for me only tickets.

I require money for thevisa. you can help me with it? I require in 250 dollars. ifI shall start to make the visa soon that it will be readyapproximately in a month, and at this time my uncle will give memoney! I very much love you and to me you are very bad that nowfar, I cannot embrace you to kiss. To me it is sad when I think that Ihave a favourite person but he so is far. As it is a pity that thedestiny has made so if we lived beside in one city or one country Iwas indescribably line. I wish to be only with you my love! I loveonly you, and anybody is not necessary to me except for you mine .I shall finish my letter.I wait from you the new letter.Only yours Katya