666025, Russia, Irkutsk Oblast, Moty, Veselaya street 15.
666025, Russia, Irkutsk Oblast, Moty, Veselaya street 15.

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Comment #161157
Tell the truth! You are afraid of me?
Please don't be afraid.
I will come secretly! No one will know about me!
Sometimes, I think that you don't read my letters at all.
You do not want to understand me... I sent you a copy of the certificate.
I was tested for coronovirus! I'm not sick!
Did you get it?
I wrote to you many times that I understand that all flights are canceled.
But it's not a problem! The problem is that I have to pay for my citizenship
for your country now! Or they will refuse me.
Here is my plan - I pay for all documents and it will be ready in two weeks!
By then, all travel restrictions will be removed and I will fly to your arms
on the first flight! BUT, I SHOULD PAY NOW! The embassy is waiting for payment!
I need only 360 usa dollars to come to you. They will refuse me later!
And all my hope is only YOU! Only you can help me! I tried to find the money,
but could not. No one gave me money. Please trust me. I will not deceive you!
I know that now you have to sit at home! I have already written several
times to you that you can send money on-line! You can do it from home!
All banks work with WorldRemit, WU, MG and RIA. They work and accept all payments.
Just do it! And in 2 weeks we will be together!

P.S. I already wrote to you:
My address: 666025, Russia, Irkutsk Oblast, Moty, Veselaya street 15.
My phone: +7(987)436-23-82
I asked for 25000 russian rubles!
25000 russian rubles - 360 usa dollars or 320 euros.
You can send money through any international system money transfer:
Western Union, WorldRemit, Moneygram or RIA to my name in Russia.
Comment #161172
This scammer is prolific. There are lots of reports on this site and others. She also appears on a porn site named xHamster. She is also listed on several other scam warning sites.
Comment #161192
A very prolific scammer, after 12 months he reappears as Irina. She (he) has at least 12 profiles. In later correspondence she asks for money to visit you in your country. She wrote me like Zoya Pototskaya. Use names like Elena, Eleonora, Kseniya, Nadezda, Alla, Julia,