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Nice to see a letter from you again:)
I hope that I will continue to receive your letters every day and we can get to know each other much faster.
I would also like to tell you that if you don’t have time to write to me, then just write a short letter ..
So that I do not think that you are ignoring me))
How was your day? I hope everything is OK.
Today I visited my mother, decided to spend time with her.
Previously, I had very little time because of my studies and additional work, then I almost never saw her.
And now I already have a job and my studies have already ended, so I can see my mother more often.
Therefore, we spent today together ..
I didn't say anything about my father .. Unfortunately, he decided to choose another family and left us when I was 16 ..
After that, he did not see me even once, only once he passed by when I went to study. And he didn't even say anything ..
But I will not complain .. Probably you are not interested .. Moreover, this is all in the past, he himself made such a choice ..
Maybe now you can tell a little about your family?) Do you have brothers or sisters?
By the way, I am one child in the family, so I always got enough attention from my mother :)
can I ask you why you decided to go to a dating site?
I just have a reason. Since in the past I had not the best experience in relationships.
My ex was too demanding and if I did something wrong, he immediately began to scream.
I do not need such an attitude, besides, there is something that I cannot forgive him.
So I decided to try to find someone outside the country and met you :)
I hope that we will really get to know each other well and become closer :)
But let's not guess, because we still have a lot of time.
I want to believe that I do not look annoying with my questions :)
Now I will wait for your answer and hope that I will receive it as soon as possible, Natalia