Scammer Alisa Strelnikova Alisa

Volgograg Russia
34 General Shtemenko Street. Room 47
International Cupid

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Comment #160652
A recurring lie that she only writes to me, that she worked in the army and therefore cannot create a profile on the social network, that she has been monitored since military intelligence and that she has a high degree of secrecy. First she wants to arrive, that she has savings and then that she suddenly lacks money.
Comment #160653
Michael. Hey. I'm sorry I didn't write you these days. I tried to solve my problems that fell on my head. But now I have become more free. You are probably very happy that your son is with you for such a time? It is insanely interesting and cool when you have small children. This is a half of you. This is your little copy. How I also dream of my daughter. You can not appreciate these moments until you lose it. Therefore, I want to find a man alone. And you don’t feel like wasting time on all kinds of empty conversations. Michael, let's try to start working on our possible relationship between us. Do you think relationships between us, love and marriage are possible? What do you think about that? Is it worth it to give all our strength so that we can become dear to each other. Let's discuss it. And of course I want to know your opinion first.
Comment #160654
Hello dear David.

Yes, I agree that I have not written to you for so long. This is due to the fact that at the travel agency after receiving a passport, we were billed for the production of a package of documents and obtaining a visa larger than I expected. For the manufacture of a foreign passport, they took from me only 6,000 rubles. I thought that making a package of documents for a visa, airline tickets and insurance would not be such a large amount, in general, they considered me 76,000 rubles. But I don’t have that amount, I only have 48,000. I thought that was enough. I was very disappointed and did not write anything to you, so as not to upset. I tried to borrow, borrow, called the banks to get a loan. But everyone seemed to have conspired and refused my request. I thought I could find the money and draw up a contract with a travel agency and make you happy. But I could not keep it in myself and decided to write it all. Probably have to postpone the meeting until better times or until I can earn them.

Yes, now you just have to dream about our meeting until everyone settles down. My mood is depressed, but I try my best to come to you. I hope that I can do everything before the appointment. We would definitely share and feed each other with our delicious dishes. But come on now I’ll try to solve everything and find the money. You need to quickly find them, because I need to be in time and take into account the period of how much time to make a visa. And I believe that if I do not have time before the 8th, then I will not have time before the scheduled date of the meeting. I'm sorry I didn’t live up to your hopes, but I’ll try to try. I am writing and one sadness in my soul. It feels like letting the people dearest to me. Eh. Good day to you my david