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Hello dear . How you? What is the weather
today in your country? I hope all is well. Today I have had a
difficult day, but now I’m free and I can write the letter you. I'm
sorry for my previous letter. It was sad. I did not want to make you
disappointed. I hope you did not get offended to my story about the

Well, I want to tell you about my hobbies. I like listening to
different music. It depends on my mood and feelings. I like Mozart as
well. I suppose he is the greatest composer in history. I hope you
agree with me. I like the “AC/DC” very much. I like Elvis Presley and
Bob Dylan. They are not similar to any others. There are a great
number of popular musicians abroad. But I like Russians as well. May
be you heard about the Russian group "Spleen" or "Chaif." But I think
the most famous Russian group abroad is “Mumiy Troll”. Probably you've
heard about it. They had a great success at the beginning of 90s. I
like going to the cinema very much. Now days a lot of foreign films
are on the screen in Russia. Foreign cinema is widely spread in
Russia. I like such old American films as Forrest "Gump" and "Cast
Away". Tom Hanks is a good actor.
My health is the most important thing for me. I do not boast. My
health is really good, and I always try to be in a good form. I wish
to tell, that I sometimes am engaged in sports aerobics, also I I like
to ski and Snowboarding. I not the professional because I tasted it
only recently, but was pleasant to me. Unfortunately mine work takes
away a lot of time, therefore I began to give not enough attention to
sports. I every morning, try to spend as much times as possible in the
open air. I have no car and I take a bus. I have been living in the
conditions of rather cold winters and damp autumn since my childhood.
Such of climate helps to toughen my health. I do not smoke and do not
take alcoholic drinks. I prefer a healthy way of life and I'm proud of
it. Sewing and knitting are my hobbies if it's possible to say so. To
draw. I spoke to you about it. That I only have started to be engaged
recently in drawing. I can speak about my hobbies for a long time. I
love sincere people, I love animals, I love when people are healthy
and happy. I like tasty meal, and I like to prepare different dishes.
Often it seems to me that I am strange and very different from most
people. I am far from the Internet and people often wonder at this. I
believe that people get lost in the virtual world and move away from
real feelings and emotions. Many of my friends constantly look at
their smartphones. Sometimes it annoys me a lot, but I understand
their dependence. I think it looks like drugs. I had a smartphone for
several years, but a few months ago, I broke it. And now I use a
regular phone in which there is not even a camera and I am completely
free. I do not feel the need for social networks. I think that my life
is even more eventful and real. I work at school and I notice that
many students have more and more often the syndrome of diffuse
attention. You've heard about it? This is due to the fact that they
receive too much different surface information. They are used to
flipping through news feeds. And these children find it difficult to
concentrate on a specific task for a long time. This upsets me and
this problem makes learning difficult.
But I also want to say that I do not like some things. I do not like
artful and envious people. I hate when somebody deceives. I do not
love cruelty and roughness. I'm not interested in people, who prefer
to spend their time drinking alcohol. I also do not like bad untasty
meal and cloudy days. I shall be glad, if you tell about you many
various things for me. I want to know about you more and more. Because
you my Friend. You agree? Friends always should know well each other.
I hope that you are not afraid of my openness. It is possible that
people in your country are more conservative and closed in
communication. But I love to be open. I love open communication,
because it is interesting and easy. Tell me more about yourself. What
is the weather like on the planet ?
Where is her equator? When are weekends and holidays? Do they coincide
with mine? I want to know everything about you that you are ready to
tell me.

Your Tatyana...
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This girls photos appear on lots of other scam warning sites. Ive had them sent to me in passed. Look on this site you will find a few references to her. The last report on this site was in 2019 when the were using the email address OLGA_RU_PERSONAL_WELCO[email protected]. But as ive said there are other reports
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Lol. [email protected] is her New email address. Tatiana, Irina, Anna.