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Scenario is typical VISA/Travel scam. She contacted me first and fell in love on 3rd letter and on 5th started asking for travel money. First via WU, then to send to her friend. All was over in a bit more than month.
Letters, however, provided very interesting reading and many humorous moments. I guess she is using translation tool, because some of sentences I understood only after mechanical translation back to Russian.

Hello Pauls!
Thanks for the answer!
To tell the truth I did not expect and did not trust that you will answer me!
I dont know what I should tell you about myself in the first place..
Perhaps I will start with the simplest random things.
My name is Olga and me 27 year!
I have been given birth 22.07.1980 In not the big country town with not the big population.
Now I work as the seller in shop of colors.
At me very interesting work. Because every day I can observe happy persons of people which buy flowers for loved.
Pauls it is not very a pity to me that I for the life could test such big, passionate, hot feeling as love,
and still would not find second half with whom could create serious attitudes.
I want meet the man on which I could to rely,
which always will support me and will help with a heavy situation for me.
For this reason I have addressed in a site of acquaintances
Pauls for certain it is very interesting to you to know about how I found
You on the Internet. I earlier also did not represent, that the Internet will be
To give so it is a lot of opportunities to people.
I went in agency of acquaintances in our city and lady asked to fill The questionnaire. I filled in my data.
I have written to you the letter, also was very glad to receive from you the answer!
Many people speak, that at me very beautiful eyes. You can see it in a photo which I to you
I send. I ask you to tell that you think of my appearance.
I ask you to send me some your photos.
I like to go in for sports, I try to keep the shape.
In fact it is necessary now. Some times in a week I go to fitness the center.
I do not smoke and I do not drink alcohol either.
As I think that the girl using alcohol and cigarettes loses all feminity.
How you treat to alcohol and cigarettes? You use it?
What kind of movies do you like to watch?
I like adventures like Indiana Jones, or detectives about James Bond or Puarou.
But I like elements of romance and drama as well. The recent movie I was watching was the Fight Club.
Yes, you are right, it is not on the list of my preferences. However, I was recommended to watch it.
And the idea behind the movie was great. Among the music and songs I prefer to listen
to E. Morricone, Fr. Garsia, Santana and Chi Mai.
Please ask things interesting you about me and give me some information
about you:
what do you do for entertainment?
What's your character?
What do You love in women?
You had when or serious attitudes?
More questions.. more answers.. More answers more letters. More letters.. more who knows what?
I really hope to find my love. I very much would like,
That between us already from the first letters there was a understanding and trust each other.
Speak me only the truth and between us there will be warm relations! Probably, finishing my
e-mail to you. Pauls I'll be grateful so much, if you'll write me about
yourself so much, as I did it. I would like, if you'll tell me, for
example, about your family, is your family large? About your city
where are you living, I have never been in other countries!
too, and I'll be glad to know about your country. Ok, let me to finish
my e-mail, I hope to see your answer soon!
Ok, good bye, Pauls hoping to see your message soon!
Take care, Sincerely,
Your new friend Mary

Letter 3
Good afternoon mine Pauls!
I am very glad to see your answer again. Each time reading your letter I all
More I learn about you, as about beautiful soul the person. I am sincere
It is pleased, that again I have an opportunity to write to you. I hope, it is
Mutual? It is a pity, that I cannot write to you more often. I have no house
Computer, therefore to me to have it is difficult a little! Basically I
I use the Internet of cafe or I go to my girlfriend who lives through
Some houses from me. But anything terrible, my desire to communicate with you
is more than difficulties facing to me.
Pauls describe to me your character and your sincere qualities?
I have very silent counterbalanced character. I never
I hasten with conclusions and I do not love roughness. I think, that life too
It is short to spend her for bad feelings. I have defined in structure, that I search
More than the Advanced age because I think, that the person who lived
There are enough many years, already have experience and have learned to
Estimate women and to address with them. I shall be ready to give
All is independently without the rest to such person and to me think, that main
Advantage of the woman - fidelity and skill to do family happy,
Without quarrels and conflicts. When at me bad
Mood, I calm myself listening to classical music. I like
Dunaevski and Chajkovsky. this music allows to relax and have Rest.
I adore walks on city and rest on the nature. In the summer we with
Girlfriends frequently we go on a beach to be expiated in our lake or to receive
Sunburn. It is skates or a ski in the winter. That can be better to walk on
Ski on a winter wood. Pure air and beauty of a winter wood very much
Calms and weakens. Pauls you should try it, but most
Favourite time is autumn when all is painted in bright paints.
By the way, Pauls what your favourite color? To me like easy bed
Tone, such as the sky blue or brightly scarlet.
As I spoke you earlier, we should to learn about everyone
Another more and more from our e-mails.
I want to hear your voice Pauls, I hope, that you want to
Hear my voice also. But unfortunately, I have no phone.
The most dear Pauls, you can give me number of your phone, I can
Call to you from Telegraph of City, please give me your phone
Number, well? I have huge desire to hear your voice, Pauls I hope
That you want to hear my voice also. Please, send to me your telephone number
In your following e-mail, well??? Please, do not overlook!
By the way, my parents and friends ask about you all time:) it is especial
My parents, I have told to my parents, that you are decent and good
The person, my parents are very pleased to ours korrespondence on the Internet
And our attitudes Pauls. My parents wish to us good relations in
The future, and it is possible, in the future if we shall be together
In your country, they would like it, we shall be magnificent pair
Also:), but remember, Pauls! We should study each other ever more and
It is more! Really.? It is very important for me Pauls!
Well, let me to finish mine messgae. By the way, mine
Parents and my friends ask, that I have again told to you big
Congratulations from them! It - as is usual.
I shall wait for yours Then e-mails! Pauls please, write to me as soon as possible! Well?
Good-bye, see.
You it is fast.
Yours Mary