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Hello **!!!!! I so am upset not to receive today your letter. I
am very upset, so I wish to learn about you more, I wish to get
acquainted with you!!!! It is all so unusually, I simply do not know
from what to begin … It so unexpectedly, to get acquainted through the
Internet. I do not know from what to begin. As I have come on a site.
All so unexpectedly in my life … I was lonely, I did not know, how to
me to get rid of it, that to me to make. My girlfriend to me has
advised to be registered on a site of acquaintances. I did not know,
how to me it to make, with what to begin. She has made all. She asked
me, that I wish to find, what man, I answered her. So it is a lot of
questions. And here, results of search have given out yours profile. I
have seen yours profile, and you have liked me. I hope, that to you
too I like. I not so well understand this language, but I think, that
it will be not a barrier to acquaintance to you!!! How you consider? I
hope, that you understand me. I as wish to tell about myself more. My
name Oksana, I think, that you have understood it after my first
letter. I not so such young, me am a lot of years … I live with mum in
one apartment. I was never married and had no children. I all life
felt lonely. The loneliness also has led me to acquaintance to you
. I live not in the big city, I simply live near to it. The
settlement in which I live, is called Znamenskiy. I work at local
school. I the teacher of geography. It is interesting to you? It is
very interesting to me. I together with children study a planet the
Earth, with its inhabitants, with its culture. My work very much is
pleasant to me, because I can travel together with children
everywhere, I can tell it about any corners of the World. And let I
there was not, but from my stories at children such shine in eyes!!!!
Children like my lessons!!!! And to me like, when I see their happy
persons. I have started to use Internet recently. After at us
has appeared the cafe Internet in settlement. I at first did not think
of it. But has decided to try. , what you would wish to learn
about me??? Ask me, and I necessarily will answer you. I hope, that
you will send the photos also. I would like to receive more them. I
send you the photo. I hope, that it is pleasant to you. Tell to me,
. What it is pleasant to you in women? What character? What
should she be able? I very much would wish to know. I wish to know, so
it is interesting to me, what qualities involve you in the girl? I
hope, that tomorrow I will receive your letter and your photo. I will
wait very much. You will not forget to write me the letter? I
hope, that was not present. I very much wait... To me acquaintance to
you is very pleasant!!!! Your new girlfriend Oksana

Hello my dear *!!!!
When you have woken up today? How your day has begun? I hope,
that my letter though has a little embellished your new day!!!
To me it is pleasant, so it is pleasant to me to receive your letters, to read your news …
I simply happy all the day long when I read how you spend day. To me it is pleasant,
that it is interesting to you to receive from me letters,
I am glad, that it is interesting to you to divide with me dialogue!!!
I think, that to me not to describe all feelings which I test after I receive from you the letter.
To me it is pleasant!!!! From your letter, it seemed to me, that you liked my girlfriend.
She really was pleasant to you more me? To you appearance, instead of private world is important only.
Please answer my questions. I so have got tired today on work.
To me so it was heavy, but when in my mail box there was an inscription, that in my box there
is a letter from my dear **, all weariness was gone, I to read began more soon it!!!!
*** tell to me more about the work? That you make? Than you are engaged?
I wish to know about it more in detail!!! You simply do not represent, as all it is interesting to me!!!!
You work everyone Day? I every day, except Saturday and Sunday. But sometimes
To have to work and these days. These days I am engaged individually with children.
Their parents ask me to prepare their children for the best knowledge. I prepare them for examinations!!!
But I work not each days off. I usually in the days off go to my grandmother in village. ***, at me the best
The grandmother. She has learnt me to all. I am able to erase, iron, look after for
Clothes to repair it, to prepare fine dishes. The grandmother Says, that has learnt me to the best.
When I come to her, she is simple very happy!!! She to me helps to live, advises to me very many.
She has lived a long life and knows much!!! And I am very grateful to her for all it.
Mine ***, you would like to try meal by which I have learnt to make from the grandmother??
I think, that it would be pleasant to you. And what your favourite dishes??
Today I wished to send very strongly to you a photo from my grandmother, but I have left its houses.
But tomorrow, tomorrow I necessarily will send you it!!! And today, today
I will send a photo where I at a lesson, learn children of geography.
I think, that you will not laugh at it a photo. And the second photo, is a photo
I has made in the summer when was in village at the grandmother. I think, that my smile will make your mood such fine!!!!
I think, that it is time to me to finish. And I so strongly already wait your answer!!!
I do not know, when you will receive this letter. But unique mine ***,
try to answer necessarily it now!!!! I wait for news from you!!!! And already I miss!!!
I hope, that you will answer at once as soon as you will receive it.
Your sincere Oksana

Hello the man !!!!!!!!
At first letters I will answer your questions.
My father has left from us with mum when I was still absolutely small. And
sisters at me are not
present brothers. I the teacher at school. I any more do not write to anybody.
I hope, that you all understand me and do not take offence that last my letter
was such small.
I think, that photos with my grandmother to you have let know, how people whom
I love are expensive to me.
I divide the love completely!!!! You do not take offence that I have written
yesterday you such fast
letter. I simply feel as if have offended you. Forgive me. At me Such work and
I should go to school
to learn children. I hope, that you are not offended on me for it. I am very
tired yesterday,
I have lead on three lessons more and home have come simply weakened. I not
Slept almost to three
o'clock in the morning, I checked a homework. My head has been occupied by
thoughts on you, on how you
concern me, to our acquaintance. when I on work I think of you. I am
happy, that have met You,
and I wish more and to learn more you. I wish to be with you To thicket. Each
time when I write to you,
I think, that you nearby. I the first time meet such person as you, and you to
me very much
You like. When I worked at night, I have fallen asleep and had a dream. In this
dream, I Went on wood,
it was dark and terrible. I all came into wood. And here I have understood,
that was lost.
I began to search for an exit, I began to shout... To me it became terrible.
I simply was afraid, that I will not leave wood. But unexpectedly I have heard
a voice, he prompted
to me where to leave. I left, and to me it became better. I have asked a voice,
as his name.
And he to me has told, that his name !!!! I am simple so was surprised!!!
That this dream means, I think all the day long of him. I would like to
understand all, that he means.
I wish to see continuation of this dream. When you near to me, conduct me from
wood. You have helped me,
for me it became so unexpectedly, it became very pleasant!!!! For me you mean
much!!!! How there has passed your day?
, what you ate today? You know what Russian dishes? You Tried borsh?
Pel'meni? Blini?
I am able to prepare very well and I am assured that was pleasant to you If you
mg to try them.
Now, when I start to prepare, I think of that you have told when tried my meal,
you would like to try it?
I know, that I can surprise you with preparation art. And what you are able to
make well?
Tell to me. I believe, that you will continue to write to me, that at all of us
it will be fine!!!!
I send you the kisses, and I hope, that it will be pleasant to you to receive
Yours Oksana