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Hello, I am very happy to meet you! Thank you for writing me!!! I am very interested in how our communication will go on !!!
I applied to a dating agency to meet a good man and after a couple of months from dating agency sent me your email address! if you are not interested, tell me immediately! I thought you were interested in me ?!
I'll tell you honestly, it doesn't matter to me, our age difference! the main thing was mutual love for each other !!! Love for all ages!
Please tell me about your life! Tell me what you like to do in your free time and who you work for! I'm interested!
Please send me your photos! I am very interested in knowing what you are looking for like. Do not be shy!
I want to tell you more about me and my life. I am a very happy woman, I always try to find something good in every situation! You can say that I am an optimist in life!
I have a higher medical education, through education (general practitioner), in our country you call this profession "dermatologist" I worked for several years by profession, but then I announced because I found a better job option!
Now I work as a beautician in a beauty salon. Do you know this profession? I help people with skin problems.
It's a good job, I like it very much. But it takes a lot of time and I have no time at all for my private life.
And sometimes you just liked that someone was there, especially in the evening and at night.
I sometimes feel very lonely and I have no one to talk to.
All friends live their own lives and many already have families.
I am still alone. But I have my mother and I live with her in the eastern part of Moscow, almost on the outskirts.
I also have a grandparent who lives next door to us, just a few streets away.
I also have a sister who lives with her husband and she has a lovely child. Our family is not big but friendly.
Everyone tries to help each other! But I still feel it's time for me to change something in my life!
I am 35 years old and still find no place in my life, maybe I only need a second half of which I dream, but I cannot find you.
Could it be you?))) I was happy to write about myself !!!
I hope you read my letter carefully and understand me correctly !!!
In the next letter I will tell you more about my family and my work !!!
I want to hear more from you! I'll send you some photos !!!
I hope you like it! in your next letter, will you tell me which one you like best? I look forward to your reply!
My full name is Yuliya, but all my friends and relatives call me Juliya.
Comment #160196
This scammer is using stolen photos of Olga Mikhaylyuk from Lutsk. They appear on several other scam warning sites